2022 PMI ACP and CSM Comparison: Which Is Better?

Are you stuck between CSM vs PMI ACP? After reading this article, you will be better equipped for making an informed decision. Let’s now look at PMI ACP and CSM. We will be discussing their differences, where they can be used, and their pros and con. For more information on PMI ACP and CSM, jump in!
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Why is Agile Project Manager Certification important?
These are some of the benefits of agile certification, regardless of which option you make in the PMI CSM vs ACP:
Agile project management is a growing trend
You can also search for a scrum master or business analyst, as well as an agile trainer.
According to PMI’s salary survey, a PMI ACP-certified individual earns 20% more than a non-certified person.
On average, salaries for different roles range from $122,554 up to $1633,339

Definitions: PMI ACP vs CSM
What is PMI ACP?
PMI ACP is the most highly regarded credential for Agile practices. PMI Institute offers the Agile Certified Practitioner project management certification.
What is PMI?
Since the 1950s, PMI has been the most trusted organization for project management on all continents. The PMI institute promotes project management best practices and encourages education and research in project management. PMBOK, or the Project Management Body of Knowledge, is the global standard for project management. Its agile extension is the reference for many organisations. PMP certification, the generic project management certification is the gold standard in project management. This certificate can be found in the How to Get PMP Certification blog post.
The headquarters of PMI are located in Pennsylvania, USA. Although PMI was founded in the USA, it has chapters and offices on all continents. It currently has 450,000 project managers as members and 280 chapters.
Why PMI?
PMI has been providing value to approximately 2.9 million professionals working in the project management space. It is easy to see the immense reach of PMI, the years it has been serving the project management profession, and the trust industry and project managers have in it. It is evident that a project manager certification issued by an organization with this reach and size will make a significant difference in your career.
PMI ACP is a leader in project management and tilts the scales in favor of PMI ACP. Let’s dive deeper and discuss PMI ACP vs CSM to help you decide which one is right for you.
What is CSM?
Let’s first define CSM before we compare PMI ACP and CSM. CSM stands to be Certified Scrum Master (CSM). This certification focuses exclusively on Scrum methodology and Agile practices. Scrum Alliance, a non-profit organization founded in 2001 for the agile community, offers the CSM credential.
Agile can be described in many different flavors, such as Kanban, Extreme programming and Scrum. When comparing PMI ACP and CSM, it is important to remember that CSM certifications are limited to Scrum methodology for agile projects.
CSM is similar to PMI ACP. If you are a software developer, the Certified Scrum Developer (CSD) could help you showcase your scrum project abilities. Certified Scrum Product Owners (CSPO) as well as Certified Scrum Professionals (CSP) are also available. Each role requires a different certification from Scrum Alliance.
Who should apply for CSM?
Are you working for an organization that uses Scrum to deliver its projects? Are you looking to improve your career prospects? Do you want to add a credential on scrum practices, values, and applications to show that you are more knowledgeable and skilled than other project managers? CSM is the basic certification.

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