Affordable Access to Quality Learning With Cengage Unlimited

Mark Clark and Cindy Anfinson, both community college Math professors, have seen firsthand the effects that expensive course materials can make on students’ learning experiences. Mark and Cindy have a shared passion for helping students access and attain higher education and share their excitement about Cengage Unlimited. This program can help students save money while maintaining the quality of their education.

1. What are the biggest challenges you face as a community college Math instructor?
Time and money are the biggest problems students face. Many students work multiple jobs and try to take multiple classes per semester. Students have families to take care of and many other responsibilities that require their attention. In order to survive, at least one of their classes has to be sacrificed.

2. Are there many students who have given up on materials because of cost? What impact does this have on learning outcomes?
Sometimes students have to choose between renting or purchasing materials for a course. Students who choose not to purchase materials for a course can be left behind. They will often have to work harder than they do smarter and be at a disadvantage if they don’t have all the course materials. Many students who don’t purchase all the materials for a course end-up with a lower grade or drop the class entirely.

3. What impact do you think the digital transition is having on higher education, specifically in Mathematics?
Courseware such as MindTap and WebAssign gives students access to the course materials, as well as interactive support for homework that is not possible with a textbook. Students get more out of the time they spend outside of class by getting more feedback on homework and access to additional resources that support the concepts. Digital access gives students a two-week grace period, which allows them to start working immediately while they get their finances in order.

4. What was your initial reaction to Cengage Unlimited as instructors and co-authors of Math textbooks?
Cengage Unlimited was our first reaction. It is a great way for students to save money. Students who use Cengage digital products in multiple classes per semester or over a year will get a great deal.

5. What excites and enthuses you about Cengage Unlimited
It gives students the opportunity to save money while still having access to all the materials they need to succeed in their classes.

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