ASA Technology Update Part 3: 4

Ryan Lindfield AnyConnect Essentials AnyConnect Essentials AnyConnect Essentials a new licensing option available for Secure Socket Layer Virtual Private Network clients on the ASA. Cisco started charging per connection fees for remote VPN connections with the introduction of SSL VPN. Many of you were used to connecting as many users as possible with IPSec, and not paying a single cent for licensing. This shock came as a shock. The default WebVPN license for the ASA is only for two concurrent WebVPN users. Each additional user will require additional licensing.
Traditional WebVPN licensing can be expensive for administrators. However, it is necessary if you use WebVPN. There are no licensing fees for traditional IPSec VPN connections, either site-to-site and remote access. Cisco has not released Windows 7 or 64-bit Windows IPSec clients. This means that you will need a license for each remote user with a 64 bit operating system (OS) if they are all connected to the ASA simultaneously.
AnyConnect Essentials licensing allows you to purchase a lower-cost license that allows client users to create VPN connections. This is only available if users are using the AnyConnect client. The traditional (more costly) licenses are required if you wish to use the Web portal (clientless), or support Cisco Secure Desktop. The AnyConnect Essentials license is cheaper if you only need to allow 64-bit Windows hosts remote connections using a software client.
Those of you who have Apple hardware running Snow Leopard (10.6) will be relieved that Cisco IPSec remote access is included in the 64-bit OS. This means you won’t need to purchase additional software or licenses. Add a network interface, select VPN under interface and then select CiscoIPSec as VPN Type. You do not need to launch any third-party applications, as was the case in the past.
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