AWS Consolidated Billing

AWS Consolidated Billing
Consolidated billing allows you to consolidate payments from multiple AWS accounts within your organization (Linked or Member Accounts), into one account by designating it as the Management or Payer account.
AWS Organizations provides a management account for every organization that pays all member accounts.
Consolidate billing is strictly an accounting and billing feature.
Allows you to see a total view of all charges incurred by all accounts, as well as each account.
This is not a way to control accounts or provision resources for accounts.
All charges incurred by member accounts are charged to the management/payer account.
Each linked account is an independent account in all other ways.
AWS Organization Consolidated billing feature does not allow Payer account access to data belonging to linked account owners. All Features mode must be enabled.
Cross-Account Access roles can grant access to Payer account users.
AWS limitations work at the account level only. AWS support is per account only.
AWS Organizations offers consolidated billing, which allows you to track the total costs of all member accounts within your organization.
Start an Organization
You can create member accounts or invite existing members to join the organization.
Consolidated Billing Scenarios
You have multiple accounts. You want one bill to track all charges. Multiple projects with their own AWS accounts or separate environments (Dev and Prod) within the project
Multiple cost centers can be tracked.
have acquired a project or company with its own existing AWS account and you want a consolidated bill with your other AWS accounts.Consolidated Billing Benefits
One BillA single bill that includes a view of all AWS costs incurred by accounts.
Easy Tracking You can easily track the costs and charges associated with each AWS account that is part of your “paying” account.
The combined usage and volume discounts might actually decrease as AWS combines usage from all accounts to give you volume pricing discounts
Consolidated Billing customers who consolidate payments across multiple accounts will have access to a single free usage tier. It cannot be combined across accounts.
AWS treats all accounts in an organization on the consolidated invoice as one account for billing purposes.
AWS uses the combined usage from all accounts to determine the volume pricing tiers. AWS charges $0.17/GB the first 10TB of data transfer, $0.13/GB the next 40TB. This translates to $174.08/TB for the first 10TB and $133.12 for the next 40TB.
Usage – Bob uses 8TB of data transfer each month, while Susan uses 4TB (for a total 12 TB).
Actual Individual Bill – AWS would charge Bob and Susan $174.08 each per TB for their use, for a total cost of $2088.96
Volume Discount Bill – The total 12 TB combined Bob and Susan used would cost the paying account $1174.08 * 10TB) + ($133.12* 2TB) = $1740.80 + $2566.24 = $2007.04Reserved instances
All accounts of an Organization that are consolidated can receive the hourly cost benefit of Reserved Instances. These Reserved Instances can be purchased by any other account.
Reserved Instance discount and Savings Plans discount sharing can be turned off by the organization’s management account.
Savings Plans and RI discounts can’t be shared between accounts that have been turned off sharing. Both accounts must have the Savings Plans or RI discount to share with each other.

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