AWS Rolls Out Mobile Partner Competency Certification

Amazon Web Services Inc. (AWS), a company that focuses on enterprise “mobile-first”, has created a mobile certification to recognize competency in this field for its AWS Partner Network members (APN).
AWS executive Jeff Barr recently wrote that the new APN Mobile Competency recognizes those partners who have extensive experience in mobile-first development. They help their customers build, test, analyze and monitor their AWS-powered mobile applications.
Barr stated that APN Competencies “indicates that a member has demonstrated their hard-won knowledge and proven success in specialized solutions areas.” After a partner has demonstrated their expertise, they can join the APN and list their competencies in marketing materials.
This is exactly what Kony Inc., an enterprise mobility company, did last week as a “launch partner” to the new APN Mobile Competency.
“We are proud to have achieved the APN Mobile Competency recognition,” stated Burley Kawasaki, Kony executive. Kony is a leader in mobile app development and business innovation, having met the strict standards to become a member of this elite club and achieving the APN Mobile Competency.
Kony is a launch member in the “developer tool and components” classification. This classification is for partners who “accelerate projects with tools and parts to support each stage of software development.” Twilio and SecureAuth are also launch partners in this category, as is Xamarin, AuthO, and Xamarin.
Other classifications include consulting and app development, analytics, and testing and performance management.
The new mobile competency joins a growing list of certifications, which include security, marketing and commerce; digital media; and storage and life sciences.

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