8 Bodies Is Enough

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When you gamble with the truth… Carlotta Wren is off on another adventure--this time following a lead from her jailbird father to Los Vegas to find out what happened to her long-lost mother.

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Common To Body And Soul

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True enough, perhaps. But what then are we to make of the adverb introduced in
the sentence immediately preceding: "The fastest movement is that of bodies that
are nearest to the mover" (267b7-8: x&XLo-xa xivsitou xa eyyuxaxa xou ...

Aristotle S De Anima

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Living beings are self-movers, since within them their soul moves their body and
is the principle of their motion, but soul itself is no self-mover or ... The agitated
specks represent the panspermia, the collection of various atoms that form
bodies; that part of the panspermia ... being themselves in motion (kaa kine±n t
loip kinoÅmena kaa aÉt, a6–8). ... Having infinite possible shapes for atoms (see
GC 315b6–15), Democritus supposed that some atoms might be large enough to
be seen.

Encyclopedia Of Medieval Philosophy

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The projectile rides in front of the different portions of air, which form a series of
moved-movers (Physics VIII.10). Philoponus rejected ... A projectile is clearly
moved by force, since the ''natural'' motion of a heavy body is downward. And yet,
Philoponus ... never actually devoid of bodies): " We may come to see well
enough from these considerations that place is not the boundary ofthe container.
That it is a ...

The Elements Of Avicenna S Physics

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Moreover, natural motions of natural bodies vary in speed in accordance with the
density of the traversed medium. ... there can be no forced motion, either, for if the
mover of a forced motion intrinsically belongs to the moving thing, then this ... a
featureless and undifferentiated void could be said to exert any influence on the
moving body by either sustaining the ... that the void is always and completely
filled with bodies, he 298 al-Samā' al-tabi'i II.8, $7,127.1f.; $10,130.2; $19,134.3–
6; cf.

Accounts And Papers Of The House Of Commons

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Up to dark upwards of 200 bodies had been recovered, a great many of which
were so badly burned that they were ... At 20 minutes past 8 p.m., an alarm of fire
was given for Station 14, which proved to be a small fire in Doughty-street, near
Columbia. ... After a great deal of labour our exertions resulted by the finding of
two small portions of a human body, which, from ... During Thursday morning it
became evident that if the weather should change and it became cold enough to
freeze, ...

Proceedings Of The Boston Area Colloquium In Ancient Philosophy

Author: John J. Cleary
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I 8 (the faster covers greater distance in the same time), where the two are
introduced in opposition to each other and ... Finally, curiously enough, Proclus
does not make what would be an otherwise obvious further step in the discussion
of the prime mover. ... that the prime mover is indivisible, dnepei;, but in fact
proves only that it is non-corporeal, i.e., not a physical body. ... Perhaps, one
might rather restrict the consideration of possible movers to a consideration of
bodies alone (thus ...

A Companion To Philosophy In The Middle Ages

Author: Jorge J. E. Gracia
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incorporeal reality which causes motion in the celestial body by way of
Aristotelian final causality, as is made clear in metaphysics. ... This issue was
important enough for Averroes to devote a separate treatise to it, his De
substantia orbis (Averroes 1986). ... 59ff) with the discovery in physics of a
plurality of eternal motions and incorporeal unmoved movers. ... for it has been
explained in the eighth book of the Physics that what causes motion belonging to
the celestial bodies is not in ...