A Law Dictionary Adapted To The Constitution And Laws Of The United States Of America And Of The Several States Of The American Union

Author: John Bouvier
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2; id. 41. 2. 34. CITACION. In Spanish Law. The order of a legal tribunal directing
an individual against whom a suit has been ... In the United States, the laws of the
general government are generally cited by their date: as, Act of Sept. ... Books of
reports and textbooks are generally cited by the number of the volume and page :
as, 2 Washburn, Real Prop. 350 ... The American writers generally follow the
natural mode of reference, by putting down tho name of the collection, and then
the ...

Centralblatt Afterw Zentralblatt F R Rechtswissenschaft Herausg Von Dr Von Kirchenheim With Erg Nzungsbd

Author: Arthur von Kirchenheim
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Volksschulgesetze (Obertraut). I. Bd. 4. Aufl. Wien, Pichler. 2 M. 20 Pf.
Reichsvolksschulgesetz (Fassung v. 2./5. 83). ... Bouvier, J., a Law Dictionary,
adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United Staates of America and of the
Several Staates of the American Union, with Reference to the Civil and other
Systems of Foreign Law. 15th ed., by F. Rawle. 2 vols. ... the American Decisions,
containing the Cases of General Value and Authority Decided in the Courts of the
Several States ...

The National Union Catalog Pre 1956 Imprints

Author: Library of Congress
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VOLUME 292 , Robert, I7l7-180e. ... 2. Ui — Ot Library of Congre» wi 170 1942
KELHAM, Roy Dyion I .engríale Amputations' and aruflcUl limbs, by R. D.
Langdale-Kelham ... A law dictionary, adapted to the Constitution and laws of the
United States of America, and of the several states of the ... in collaboration a
Laura Zirbes ... illustrated by Grace Norcroas; prepared to company the Keystone
primary set.

The Bookseller

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2 vols. in i. Vol. i. Post 8vo. Longmans. 4/; hf.-bd., 5/ Shortnouse (J.H.) John
Inglesant j A Romance. New ed. Post 8vo, pp. ... Examination Papers set at an
Open Competition for Boy Clerkships of the Lower Division, held under the
Directions of the Civil ... Bouvler (J.) A Law Dictionary, adapted to the Constitution
and Laws of the United States of America and of the Several States of the
American Union, with Reference to the Civil and other Systems oi Foreign Law.
isth ed., Revised and ...

Bowker S Law Books And Serials In Print

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Set, 260.00 (3-51 1-05000-6) Adler's Foreign Bks., Inc. Adams, Thelma, ed.
Censorship ... 25.00 (0-306-701 54-5) Da Capo Pr., Inc. Antieau, Chester J.
Modem Constitutional Law, 2 vols. ... Vol. 20). 1994. write for info. (0-8294-0809-
6) Loyola Univ. Pr. Arkes, Hadley. Beyond the Constitution. 288p. .... A Law
Dictionary: Adapted to the Constitution ft Laws of the United States ft the Several
Slates of the American Union; With References to the Civil ft Other Systems of
Foreign Law, 2 vols.