A Miscellany Of Diverse Things

Author: Philip Kobylarz
ISBN: 9780997694376
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With nods to Flaubert's Le Dictionnaire des Idees Recues and Bierce's Devil's Dictionary, Kobylarz moves beyond a contained lexicon in A Miscellany of Diverse Things.

A Scholastic Miscellany

Author: Eugene Rathbone Fairweather
Publisher: Westminster John Knox Press
ISBN: 9780664244187
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And thus, as Augustine's reasoning shows, if truth of this kind is absolutely
immutable, it is above the soul. But the contrary reasoning is related to the truth
— with which demonstration is properly concerned — which is immutable in
relation to something above it. Now this truth is multiplied in diverse things; it is
not adorable; it is perceptible by the demons and the damned. But the truth which
is absolutely immutable can be clearly seen by those alone who can enter into
the innermost ...

The Miscellany Of The Spanish Golden Age

Author: Jonathan David Bradbury
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 1317023927
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... for 'detenerse en las demás menudencias de su maravillosa formación fuera
más propio de anatomista que de escritor diferente' ['Dwelling further on the
particulars of their marvellous formation is an activity more proper to an anatomist
than to a writer of diverse things'] (241r, my italics). Suárez de Figueroa, as we
saw in the second chapter of this study, also acknowledges that each of the
varied bundles of knowledge which constitute the miscellany is not designed for
consumption ...

All Roads Lead From Massilia

Author: Philip Kobylarz
Publisher: Lulu.com
ISBN: 1925536270
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He has been a journalist, a film critic, a veterinarian's assistant, a deliverer of
furniture, and an ascetic. Philip's work appears in such publications as Paris
Review, Poetry, The Best American Poetry series, Massachusetts Review, and
Lalitamba. His first book, Zeninspired poems concerning life in the south of
France, is entitled rues. His second book, short stories and a novella, is titled
Now Leaving Nowheresville. An experimental, encyclopedic work, A Miscellany
of Diverse Things, ...

The Christian Examiner And Religious Miscellany

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of causes made before all things by him, in him, through him, into the diverse
genera of things in diverse forms and numbers infinite.” That is, the book treats of
the second division of nature, the created creative, – the primordial causes, ideas
, or prototypes. These are inclosed in the bosom of the second person of the
Trinity. “In the beginning,” says Moses, “God created the heaven and the earth.”
The “Beginning” is the Logos, the Son, in whom the Father created all things in
mental ...

A Treatise Of Miscellany Questions

Author: George Gillespie
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That as the Scateftftd Ciknch hath diseoveied the evili of diverse things, which
were sometime approved andstrengthnedby the Lavr oftbte £.and,fo there may
bcafEerwardsadiscovery made by tbeHghc of £xperreoce,a*id a further search of
the Scripture,., to make manifest the faHfaood of those Doctrines- which arc now
recieyed as triie^snd the evil of that Govern mentandway whichisnow
imbracedasgood, km** JWn^ tftahp* n&xtpi. For satisfaction in this difficulty, First
ofall, I donotdeny ...

The English Writings Of Rabindranath Tagore A Miscellany

Author: Rabindranath Tagore
Publisher: Sahitya Akademi
ISBN: 9788126000944
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Just as a good housewife, while dealing with diverse men and things in the
course of her duties, is after all doing the work of her husband's household all the
time, acknowledging at every step her relationship with him, — yet, at the end of
the day, she puts aside all such work, performs her toilet afresh and, thus purifies
and rejoicing, betakes herself alone with her husband to the privacy of their own
particular chamber, — so does the soul, whose world-work is done, put away all
finite ...


Author: John Milton
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I will make no apology for abstracting and citing as much of this poem, as will be
sufficient to prove to a discerning reader how far it had taken possession of
Milton's mind. The measure will appear to be the same; and, that our author was
at least an attentive reader of Burton's book, will be perhaps concluded from the
traces of resemblance which may be noticed in passing through the “L'Allegro”
and “Il Penseroso.' When I goe musing all alone, Thinking of diverse things
foreknown; ...

A Medieval Miscellany

Author: Margaret Wade Labarge
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 9780886292904
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These included various books of the Bible and some other pious works,
romances and histories, a book of medicine and one of surgery, a child's primer,
an encyclopedia and "a little red book in which are contained many diverse
things." i9 Reading became for some nobles an important part of life. Countess
Mahaut of Artois travelled with her books, safely disposed in stout leather bags.
When her nephew seized her castle in Hesdin in 1320, he not only took jewels
and gold cups, but a ...

The Bannatyne Miscellany

Author: Bannatyne Club (Edinburgh, Scotland)
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7 Calderwood says, that " Gowrye was trained to the shambles ; for Arran craftily
induced him to confesse diverse things under promise of pardoun." He adds, that
" they had layn in wait before for his life, partly by poisone, which brake forth in
fleeks, partly by violence, shrewdly threatened against him, when the King was at
Saint Johnstoun, by Aubigny and his fellowes, howsoever after craftily they
collour- ed the matter." — MS. History, vol. iii. p. 340. 8 In the margin of the Harl.
MS. it is ...