The Farmer S Magazine Volume The Twenty Fourth

Author: Farmers' Alliance
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In the course of his remarks, he said : " A meeting under these circumstances,
when we are not likely to assemble on a similar occasion in the same place
again, brings with it a shade of sorrow ; and I cannot refrain from calling to mind
the many ... some persons in the country may cross and re-cross to their heart's
content, there is honour due to those who keep the breed of Leicesters pure ; and
the more that people cross-breed, the more will the pure blood be thought of (
Hear, hear).

Gardeners Chronicle New Horticulturist

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4 0- 6 0 Pelsrgonlums,sesr Chrysanthemums, \ let, per 12 bun. 4 0— 6 0 p. dos.
blooms . 0 6- 2 6' — per 12 sprays... 0 4- 0 6 — p. doz. bunches 3 0- 6 0 ,
Pyrethrums, per 12 Euvh-Aria,perdolen 3 0- 5 0 - bunches .. 1 6- 2 6 Gardenils,
per dos. Boees,'l'es ... Trude i- firm ior finest quality and standard colour, but a
shade weaker for other deu'rlptiuus, owing to the continental supply. ... The article
referred to was originally printed as an editorial in Experiment Station Record, vol
. vii.. p. 903 ...

The Chemical News Vol Xl 1865

Author: William Crookes, F.R.S.
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The behaviour of the crude oil with reagents is certainly rather peculiar, but it
should be borne in mind that the crude oil contains a large quantity of vegetable
impurities, which no doubt play an important part in regard to the reagents
wherewith the oil is brought in contact. I observed what follows : — Concentrated
sulphuric acid causes a beautiful ... The blue purplish colour just alluded to was,
if changed at all, a shade darker. With a solution of caustic soda the same
phenomena were ...

The Commercial And Financial Chronicle

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The rights of her ally, the Ameer, have been ruthlessly trampled upon ; her own
rights are openly thereatened ; blood has been shed; and reparation has been
refused. ... Interest allowed for deposits try The following return shows the 498 [
Vol. ... 12 l>s «12-21s 12 3 'a «12'4 20-68 ®20-72 2069 »2073 20-69 » 20-73 12-
65 »12-70 12-65 «12-70 25-60 ®25G5 Apr. 9 Apr. 9 Apr. 9 Apr. 9 Apr. 9 Apr. 9
Apr. 9 Apr. 9 Apr. 9 Apr. 10 Apr. 10 Apr. 9 Apr. 9 Apr. 9 Apr. 9 Apr. 9 Apr. 9 Apr. a
Apr. 9 ...

Medical And Surgical Reporter

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The old nail came off in fifteen days ; a new one took its'place, leaving the thumb
perfectly natural, except a little flatness of ball from loss of blood. ... 1 vol. cloth, 12
mo. pp. ICS. There are, as yet, many mysteries in the exercise of the cerebral
functions to explain which science does not pretend. The limits of the knowable
should not be transgressed, and theorizing is of no value at all when there is
doubt as to facts. ... They are but a shade better than Andrew Jackson Davis'

Gc Htj

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26-30 man), per bundle, 1 4- 1 0 – Canary Islands, Mushrooms (Indoor) per case,
12 lb. 3 6-5 0 per lb. ... 0 9- 1 0 PotAros. Trade is firm for finest quality and
standard colour, but a shade weaker for other descriptions, owing to the
continental supply. and Maincrops 75s. to 100s. ; Hebrons and Snowdrops, 80s.
to 105s.; Saxons Giants and Magnums, 75s. to 80s. ; Blacklands, 65s to 72s. 6d.
per ton. Belgium and Dutch Ware, 3s. to 8s. 6d. per bag of 50 kilos. John Bath, 32
and 34, ...

A New English Dictionary Of The English Language

Author: Charles Richardson
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Cronycle, vol. i. c. 89. BE-SEECH, v. Bese'ech, n. Bese'Eching, n. Beseecher.
Bese'EchMENT. Thervorych by eche the, haue half my lond myd me, Andych, as
thy partyner, half Engelond myd the. R. Gloucester, p. 309. Whan kyng R. herde,
the ... Wiclif. Romaynes, c. 12. I beseche youtherefore bretheren, by the
mercifulness of God, that ye make your bodys a quycke sacryfice, holy and
acceptable vnto God.—Bible, 1551. Ib. Bial Meier and hitechyng preie ghe al
tyme in spyryt. Wiclif.

One Volume New Testament Commentary

Author: John Wesley
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“Many' is not used in opposition to “all,” but states positively that the sons are
many, and thus perhaps adds a shade of confirmation to the fitness”—
DAVIDSON. 11. For—“they are nearly related to each other—He that sanctifieth—
Christ (Heb. 13. 12)—and all they that are sanctified—that are brought to God;
that draw near or come to Him, which are synonymous terms—are all of one—
partakers of one nature, from one parent Adam ”—WESLEY. For—the next three
verses are an ...

The Gardeners Chronicle And Agricultural Gazette

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Cost. T.'"'. Peruvian guano £2 16s. 6d. 27 4% Dissolved bones - - - - - - 2 9
Peruvian guano and bone-dust mixed 28 4 Townsend - - - - - - - 30 6 Odams'
blood manure - - 27 15 Dissolved bones 1 16 0 26 5 Remarks.—Variety of Turnip
—White Globe. They were sown on the 12th of June, and pulled and weighed on
the 5th of December. When they were hoed, the lot sown with guano was about
five days later than the other lots. The plot sown with Townsend seemed a shade
earlier—all ...

Essential Doctor Jekyll And Mister Hyde

Author: Robert Louis Stevenson
Publisher: Plume Books
ISBN: 9780452269699
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In this character, it was frequently his fortune to be the last reputable
acquaintance and the last good influence in the lives of down-going men.10 And
to such as these, so long as they came about his chambers, he never marked a
shade of ... For all that, the two men put the greatest store by these excursions,
counted them the chief jewel of each week, and not only set aside occasions of
pleasure, but even resisted the calls of business, that they might enjoy them
uninterrupted.12 It ...