Airframe Test Guide 2018

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Part of a series designed to prepare applicants who are seeking Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certifications for the full range of material, this guide offers current test questions, answers, detailed explanations, illustrations, ...


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Auf dem Nonstop-Flug von Hongkong nach Denver gerät plötzlich die Maschine der Transpacific Airlines außer Kontrolle.

Far Aim 2018

Author: Federal Aviation Administration
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... utility, and acrobatic category airplanes, the strength, detail design, and
fabrication of those parts of the airframe structure whose failure would be
catastrophic must be evaluated under one of the following unless it is shown that
the structure, operating stress level, materials and expected uses are comparable
, from a fatigue standpoint, to a similar design that has had extensive satisfactory
service experience: (1) A fatigue strength investigation in which the structure is
shown by tests, ...

Up And Running With Autocad 2018

Author: Elliot J Gindis
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G Finite element analysis (FEA): This is used for structural and stress analysis,
testing thermal properties, and much more as related to frames, beams, columns,
and other structural components. ... an engineering team designing an aircraft,
say, had to typically create the design (and subsystems) in a 3D program like
CATIA, then import the airframe for FEA testing into NASTRAN, followed by
airflow testing in CFD software (and a wind tunnel), and 510 Appendix | B Other
CAD Software, ...

Der Rote Kampfflieger

Author: Manfred von Richthofen
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Manfred Freiherr von Richthofen war ein deutscher Jagdflieger, der im Ersten Weltkrieg die höchste Zahl von Luftsiegen, die von einem einzelnen Piloten erreicht wurde, verzeichnete.

Aiaa Sae Asme Asee 27th Joint Propulsion Conference 91 2018 91 2092

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allows individual testing of new and innovative designs that would be considered
too risky for incorporation into a complete drive system designed and
manufactured for test. Any realistic approach to designing an advanced drive
system to meet the stated goals of the ART program must include an existing
drive system for comparison purposes, and an appropriate airframe must be
selected to introduce typical design constraints. A drive system designed without
the practical restraints ...

The Finding Guide To Aiaa Meeting Papers

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... Aerodynamic control of NASP-type vehicles through vortex manipulation 90-
0594 Aerodynamic control of aircraft by forebody vortex manipulation 90-1827
Aerodynamic design considerations for aircraft radomes 90-2843 Aerodynamic
detuning for control of supersonic rotor forced response 90-2018 Aerodynamic
effect of heavy rain on airplane performance 90-3131 Aerodynamic effects of
body roughness 90-2850 Aerodynamic heat transfer testing in hypersonic wind
tunnels using ...

Aircraft Sustainment And Repair

Author: Rhys Jones
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CHAPTER EIGHTEEN Multiplicative Manufacturing and Aircraft Sustainment
Rhys Jones*, Daren Peng*, Neil Matthews† *Monash University, Clayton, VIC,
Australia †RUAG Australia, Bayswater, VIC, Australia 1 INTRODUCTION The F/A
-18, Super Hornet and F-16 aircraft ... The cracking arises as a result of: (1) the
stress concentration at the inner corner of the guide rail and (2) excessive
bending of the guide rail. ... Tests were then performed on this near 'optimized'
design, see Fig.

Airframe Maintenance And Repair

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ginning with the letter A. Thus 17S is now 2017 and A17S is 2117, 18S is 2018,
and B18S is 2218. TEMPER DESIGNATIONs. Where required, the temper ... It is
relatively low in strength, however, and does not have the strength required for
structural aircraft parts. Higher strengths are generally obtained by the ... The
several tempers which vary in tensile strength and hardness can be identified
only by means of tensile tests or hardness tests. The table in figure 3–5 gives the
Rockwell ...