Alice In Thunderland

Author: Maeve Kelly
ISBN: 9781855940819
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There are femblies too, of course. . . Alice in Thunderland is a hilarious feminist fairytale, a satirical look at male-dominated society, cocking a snook at the apparent logic of the structures that underpin our lives.

Two Irelands

Author: Rebecca Pelan
Publisher: Syracuse University Press
ISBN: 9780815630593
Size: 72.51 MB
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... is Attic's series of fairy tale anthologies — Rapunzel's Revenge (1985), Ms.
Muffet and Others (1986), Mad and Bad Fairies (1987), Sweeping Beauties (1989
), G'«- derella on the Ball ( I 991 ), and Ride on Rapunzel ( I 992), all subtitled "
Fairytales for Feminists," and described as "irreverent reinventions of traditional
fairytales for feminists of all ages" (cover blurb). Published by Attic in the same
series is Maeve Kelly's Alice in Thunderland (1993), also subtitled "A Feminist
Fairytale," ...

Neo Victorianism On Screen

Author: Antonija Primorac
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319645595
Size: 22.51 MB
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Postfeminism and Contemporary Adaptations of Victorian Women Antonija
Primorac. Regis, Amber (2012) 'Performance Anxiety and Costume Drama:
Lesbian Sex on the BBC'. In: Johnson, Beth et al (eds.) Television, Sex and ...
Susina, Jan (2011) 'Alice in Wonderland'. Marvels and Tales: Journal of Fairy-
Tale Studies, 25:1, pp. 181–183. Talbot, Bryan (2007) Alice in Sunderland.
London: Jonathan Cape. Tasker, Yvonne and Diane Negra (2007) 'Introduction:
Feminist Politics and ...

Science Fiction Fantasy Horror

Author: Charles N. Brown
ISBN: 9780961662943
Size: 27.25 MB
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(Attic Press 0-94621 1-40-X, Jul, 87 [Oct, 87], £3.50, 60pp, tp) Anthology of
feminist fairy tales. Volume 3 in the "Fairytales for Feminists" series. Contents: 5
The Fate of Aoife and the Children of Aobh, Mary Dorcey, ss * 15 Alice in
Thunderland, Maeve Kelly, ss * 25 Ophelia's Tale, Clairr O'Connor, ss * 29
Thumbelina the Left Wing Fairy, Joni Crone, ss * 32 Some Day My Prince Will
Come, Roisin Sheerin, vi * 34 The Frog Prince, Anne Cooper, ss * 39 The Witch-
Hunt, Mairin Johnston, ...

Mad Bad Fairies

Author: Mary Dorcy
ISBN: 9780946211401
Size: 66.75 MB
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Will Alice, lost in Thunderland, a place inhabited by a strange species, memblys
and femblys, find her way back to Harmony Land; what is Ophelia's cunning plan
of escape; what is the 'real' story of 'saint' Kevin; will the CUPS succeed in their
witch-hunt, these ... Stories are drawn from the traditional fairytale genre; Irish
mythology and folklore and original stories reflect contemporary preoccupations.
Mad and Bad Fairies is the third book in a successful series of fairytales for

The Argonaut

Size: 51.26 MB
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... of democracy and paternalism, and the probable influence of the war upon
socialism, feminism, religion, education, and literature. Much of it is necessarily
speculative, but at least we are grateful for the clear moral note sounded by Dr.
Griggs. Here, at all events, we are upon indisputable ground. THE Soul of
DEMocracy. Iły Edward Howard Griggs. New York: The Macmillan Company;
$1.25. -- Roumanian Fairy Tales. The career of Petre Ispirescu, the Roumanian
writer of fairy tales, ...