The Boston Directory

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Milllken Charles D. 116 Devonshire, h.8S Allston Jlilliken Ebenezer C. (Xnrris <j-
Milliken), 255 Congress, house 15 Ashburton place Milllken Eugene (n. F. Dutton
f Co.), 34 Milk, boards at Clteltea Milliken E. T. & Co. (J. L. Lourlon and S. W.
Knowlrs), oil, 21 North Market, house 16 East Brookllue [K. B. Milliken Francis,
shlpcarpenter, house 90 Sumner, Milllken Frank J. 83 Stale, house at Lowell
MUliken F. A. cooper, house 411 Harrison avenue Milhken Geo. F. manager,
W. U. Tel.


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1400 N. Hobart. 382 Chas. C. Kurt. Mrs. Mary Froelich. 4956 Santa Monica Blvd.
383 Chas. A. Luckenbach, Miss Anna Sullivan. 4956 Santa Monica Blvd. 384 C.
L Welch. Miss Mae Pelton. 4956 Santa Monica Blvd. 385 J. N. Morrison, Mrs.
Mary ... NO, 2 Under direction of G. R. Defter and Mrs. C. P. Hubbard R F. Howe,
B. Adjt. 391 C. E. Cotton, Mrs. M. F. Burns. ... At 4:20 our infantry laid down a
tremendous shrapnel barrage on the Hun outpost line while the tanks came
forward and ...

Carroll S State Directory

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16670 Czlrr Carol KY 28252 Dabbs Tim NM 20900 Debney Myrtle Ml . 19522
Dadd Bob MD 29630 Daddario Joseph A NY 42352 Dadiemen Marsha WV
13896 Defter Fred IN . 50568 Daggett Beverly С ME ... Damlco N J LA. . D' Am Ico
Frank M NY . Joe AK . Len CT . Leonard PA . Damon Anne MN . Perrin OR .
DaMota Virginia Rl . . Demren Catharine L. . . . ME . Demron Robert R KY .
Damschroder John .... OH Rex OH . Dana Howard H Jr ME . Thomas NV
Danaher Richard MD .

Syndicate Directory

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Dents —Rock News RPT Defter, Dads —Sound Sense RPT Defter. Dents —Rock
-Pop . UPIFD HEA ... Terence —The Sky This Month Oft Dickson, Donald —
Alcoholic At Urge PHS Dickson N. 1 1. Bowie —Blue Plate Special ... UPIFD FNS
ewf ATS KFS KfS ... ' CAP KfS . Francis —You' Individual Horoscope Drake. Stan
—Heart of Juliet Jones Datl. Susan — Calone Countdown — i. JW —Senior Side
- .

Boyd S Directory Of The District Of Columbia

Author: William Henry Boyd
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The LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY OF VIRGINIA During the Past Thirty-one Yetri
hat Pild to Its Policy-Holders Nearly Five Million Dollar*. ... h 1216 S I av nw
Decker Wm N, machinist, h 90S Fia av nw ßeckman Harry E. clk. h 938 I nw
Deckman John, driver, h 202 lut ew Deckman Samuel H, drug clk, b 502 7th ее
Deckman Samuel W, contractor, h 212 let sw Deckman William H, clk war, h 938 I
uw De Ordy Emily M. nurse, h 225 3d nw De Cormis Clay A. Hept agr, h 28 2d ne
De Costa ...

Quill Quire

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Cork, OovhJ; When rhe Pig to to Market, Personol f r- nonce Cosiei, Tony;
Cleorwtrter Tom, Poetry Cauplond, Douglos; Wfoend m o (omo, fiction KoveK
Crocket, Par; The Healing Herbs Cookbook, Food & Drink Cronenberg, David;
eXisleni, ... Ufe on the Line, Biography de vliers. Morq, Into Afnco, Work) History
de Villiers, Morq; Water, Nature/Environment Defter, Constance; From Our
Mother's Arms, Nafrve Peoples Dembo, Ron S., Seeing Tomonow, Personol
Finance Dempsey.

Federal Executive Directory

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703-235-9885 DeLong Dr Chester W 233-3010 DeLong DeAnna 225-7502
Detong Edward 366-9537 Delory Ann 224-4543 DeLozier James E 301436-
7132 Delpercio Capt Michael 366-1875 Delpercio Capt Michael, (A) 366-5737
DeLuca A . 694 9447 DeLuca Dr Luigi 301 ... 267-8361 DeLugo Ron 225-1790
Delumba Frank 647-3602 DeLusignann Guy 4774664 DeMarce James L . 523-
6692 DeMarco Emie 566-7848 DeMarco Frederick 955-5200 DeMarco Vincent R
. , .

Polk City Directory Scranton Pa

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Davis Maureen A M202 Schlager St (S 570) Apt 4 969-6515 Davis Michael S
h1414 Dorothy St (S) Davis Nancy H prof/tech h512 N Fillmore Ave (S 570) 346-
3927 Davis Nancy J h518 N Irving Ave (S 570) 343-4209 Davis Nancy M M069 ...
344-3676 DAVIS RON TIRE CENTER Ronald E Davis Sr Contact auto tires 816
Providence Rd (S 570) 342-7544 Davis Ronald A & Joan A h7 Frank Way (S) ft
Davis Ronald E h349 N Sumner Ave (S 570) • 347-5784 Davis Ronald R & Terri
S. tech ...

Review Of Reviews

Author: Albert Shaw
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Reservations and literature at authorized tourist agents or Kurne&s Prince Line,
34 Whitehall Street (where Broadway begins) or 665— 5th Ave., New York City.
time 1 i ritVKSS "'Prince^ live Pfinre Lime Nervf* I'fiB been rontinuou* bet ween
WHERE ... ilex. }in«.t Mtn Kcaort. Hr dolt Outdoor Sport*. C lltl Dwelling!. MM
r\««» I TV, h-Althful rlimata. HonirHaa .raaaayae ADIRONDACK MTS. N.JT. THE
CRATER CLUB E<*f.ex*oa-Lake Chan plain. X. T. Cottar** wjuuart m carea.

The National Union Catalogs 1963

Author: Library of Congress
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Planete, Paris, n. Title. NB NUC64-33763 Duval, Roch. Adolescence d'
aujourdTiui; lVducation dee adolescents dans ses rapports avec la psychologic
dynamique. Quebec, Presses de lTniveraite Laval, 1964. 191 a. 23 cm. 1.
Adolescence. 2. ... 12 cm. (Marabout flasb. 221) 2,25 r. (F6a-10.WI At bead of title
□ IV la MedltcrrnneV au Sahara. Cover Illustrated In color. 1. Morocco — Defter.
A trar. — Oulde hooka. L Title. DT304.D86 66-74752 Duval-Beaupere, Ginette. .
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