Bayonets In Paradise

Author: Harry N. Scheiber
ISBN: 9780824852887
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Bayonets in Paradise recounts the extraordinary story of how the army imposed rigid and absolute control on the total population of Hawaii during World War II. Declared immediately after the Pearl Harbor attack, martial law was all ...

Habeas Corpus In Wartime

Author: Amanda L. Tyler
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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For an extensive discussion of conditions in Hawaii during the war, see Harry N.
ScheIber & Jane L. ScheIber, Bayonets In ParadIse: MartIal Law In HawaIʻI
durIng World War II (2016). Duncan, 327 U.S. at 309. See, e.g., General Orders
No. 29 (Dec. 16, 1941) (banning circuit courts from issuing writs of habeas corpus
), quoted in Robert S. Rankin, Hawaii under Martial Law, 5 J. PolItIcs 270, 274–
275(1943). Ex parte Zimmerman, 132 F.2d 442, 443–444 & n.1 (9th Cir. 1942) (
describing ...

The Cambridge History Of Law In America

Author: Michael Grossberg
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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The imposition of martial law in Hawaii is the focus of Harry N. Scheiber and Jane
L. Scheiber, “Bayonets in Paradise: A Half-Century Retrospect on Martial Law in
Hawai'i, 1941–1946,” University of Hawaii Law Review 19 (1997), 477–648.
Linda Kerber, No Constitutional ... A more focused work finding limited progress
on civil rights during World War II is Daniel Kryder, Divided Arsenal: Race and the
American State During World War II (Cambridge, 2000). Scholars have linked
Cold ...

Military Justice Cases And Materials

Author: Eugene R. Fidell
Publisher: LexisNexis
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B. Occupation Harry N. Scheiber & Jane L. Scheiber, Bayonets in Paradise: A
HalfCentury Retrospect on Martial Law on Hawai'i 1941-1946 19 U. HAW. L. REV
. 477, 487-520 (1997)1 [Securing borders and controlling territories, hostile and
friendly, during times of war creates additional disciplinary and law enforcement
burdens for military troops. The imposition of ... During World War II, however, the
territory of Hawai'i was under martial law for almost three years. Below, historians

The History Of The Supreme Court Of The United States

Author: William M. Wiecek
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521848206
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1942, quoted in Scheiber and Scheiber, “Bayonets in Paradise,” 518. 12° Garner,
Ickes, and the subordinate are quoted in Scheiber and Scheiber, “Bayonets in
Paradise,” 487, 524, 538. 126 On the function of lawyers in maintaining and
challenging the regime of martial law in the islands, see Harry N. Scheiber and
Jane L. Scheiber, “The Roles of Lawyers in a Civil Liberties Crisis: Hawaii During
World War II,” in Sandra Van Burkleo et al., eds., Constitutionalism and American
Culture: ...


Author: South Texas College of Law
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1865.44 World War II Martial Law in Hawaii. The most important national security
cases involving military lawyers were the military commissions that tried German
agents put ashore by U-boats in 1942 and 1944. But the first involvement of
military lawyers in national security cases arguably occurred on December 7,
1941, when Governor Joseph B. Poindexter declared martial law in the Territory
of Hawaii after the Japanese aerial bombardment of Pearl Harbor.45 As a result,

Total War And The Law

Author: Daniel R. Ernst
Publisher: Praeger Publishers
ISBN: 9780275975982
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Harry N. Scheiber and Jane L. Scheiber provide the most thorough study of this
subject to date, "Bayonets in Paradise," which is part of their ongoing project on
army rule in Hawaii during the war. See also their "Constitutional Liberty in World
War II." 93. Cf. Frank, "Ex parte Milligan," and Anthony, "Martial Law, Military
Government" (Milligan's principles prevailed), with Fairman, "Law of Martial Rule"
(supporting the power of the army to proclaim martial law in the islands). 94. Ex
parte ...

The Virginia Quarterly Review

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I venture the end of such a conflict will not be marked by an armistice signed on
the deck of the Missouri. ... More recently, Jane and Harry Scheiber have
performed much the same service with their painstaking and eminently readable
account of martial law in Hawaii during the Second World War—a five-year
period of unprecedented restriction on the civil liberties of citizens and foreign
nationals alike, restrictions that ... Harry N. Scheiber and Jane L. Scheiber,
Bayonets in Paradise.

American Government

Author: Alan R. Gitelson
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin College Division
ISBN: 9780618311941
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See Harry N. Scheiber and Jane L. Scheiber, "Bayonets in Paradise: A Half-
Century Retrospect on Martial Law in Hawaii, 1941-1946," University of Hawaii
Law Review, 19 (1997). 44. ... During the Cold War, several sitting members of
Congress retained their high-ranking positions in the military reserve forces — a
seeming violation of the prohibition against holding positions in more than one
branch of the national government because the military is part of the executive
branch. 60.