Be Selfish But Good

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Are weak links really the weaklings ? Is catharsis good or bad ? What is 9 Karat sharing in human relations ? B. Maria Kumar tries out a novel method of applying antithetical treatment to day-to-day critical issues for possible solutions.

Das Egoistische Gen

Author: Richard Dawkins
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Nach Richard Dawkins ́ vor über 30 Jahren entworfener und heute noch immer provozierender These steuern und dirigieren unsere von Generation zu Generation weitergegebenen Gene uns, um sich selbst zu erhalten.

Dawkins God

Author: Alister E. McGrath
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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will usually give rise to selfishness in individual behaviour. However, as we shall
see, there are special circumstances in which a gene can achieve its own selfish
goals best by fostering a limited form of altruism at the level of individual animals.
“Special” and “limited” are important words in the last sentence. Much as we
might wish to believe otherwise, universal love and the welfare of the species as
a whole are concepts that simply do not make evolutionary sense.59 Where
some ...

The Good Life

Author: Graham Music
Publisher: Routledge
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Have we evolved to be selfish or cooperative? How do our moral senses form?
What undermines this? How do parenting and family life shape how moral we are
? What is the role of our biology or genes? What is the influence of the particular
culture that we are born into? Is contemporary Western society, with its
individualistic values, leading us to become less moral but more impulsive and
selfish? Questions about whether humans are fundamentally good or bad, selfish
or altruistic, ...

Words Of The Bible Explained

Author: Pastor Garrick Bridgeforth Sr.
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Loving and not hating. Good is really important because it will help you to get into
heaven. Being good alone is not going to get you in to heaven, but it will better
your chances of getting in. We all should have the strength and the ability with ...
Good is a way to be all the time. You can be good in deed and the things you do
for others that will help them better their selves. You can be good in a relationship
by treating the other person right, and it is good not to be selfish, and you can ...

Look Ma

Author: Joseph Wechsler
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“I'm not an egotist, Sire, I may be hungry, and I may be ugly, but I'm not selfish!” “
And, pray, why not?” countered the lion, “in a democracy people have to be
selfish, because only what's good for each is good for all!” he added with
emphatic elocution, and looked around for effect. “I'm not selfish, Sire, only
people who think a lot of themselves can be selfish. I don't think a lot of myself,
Sire, in fact I don't think a lot. I don't even think a little . . .” “In a democracy all
subjects have to think!

Thou Shall Not Suffer

Author: Mark Anthony Lord
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Stopbeing selfish.” I didn't know what “selfish” was, but Iknew itwasn't good.
Fromthat day forward mynatural joy of wanting became mixed upwithalot of
uncertainty and fear. When was it OKto want? How much can Iwant without
getting into trouble? When canI choose freely, and when do I choose what
myparents, teachers, church, orpeers think I should choose? Whatif whatI really
wantmakes people not like meor think I'm weird? Whatifmy dreams are too big
and Ifail? Can you see ...

Be Good Do Good

Author: Tom Frist
Publisher: iUniverse
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This is because they are made-up of people like you and me. Like individuals,
organizations can have mixed motivations and struggle with ethical questions. As
they seek to do good, they can also be selfish and competitive. They measure
success not only by how well they fulfill their mission and accomplish their
service goals, but also by how much power, money, and influence they have and
how they rank in relationship to other organizations with similar missions. Like
individuals ...

The Great Civilized Conversation

Author: Wm. Theodore de Bary
Publisher: Columbia University Press
ISBN: 0231535104
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In the same Record of Rites, there is also a discussion of the opposition between
“Heaven's principles” (identified here with the common good) and “human
desires” (understood here to beselfish”). In the given context, however, this
dichotomy refers to actions of the ruler that are selfish, when properly he should
be acting in the common interest and holding himself to a higher, self-sacrificial
standard of service to the public good.8 Indeed, the implication of the passage is
that the ruler ...

Where S The Blue Pill

Author: Jay M. Horne
Publisher: Jay M Horne
ISBN: 0557332230
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Woody is a great friend and you know it. Oh I know he is. I love Woody, he has
helped me out before, with astonishing results. I couldn't be more thankful for that.
I just really wasn't prepared to run a business at the time. I am probably the main
reason why he doesn't help anyone out anymore! You're right. Hahaha! So help
me understand your statement on selfishness. Doing a kindness is a selfish act
believe it or not. It is the good kind of selfish act though. For when you do
someone a ...