Big Bosses

Author: Althea McDowell Altemus
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 022642376X
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In her memoir, Big Bosses, she vividly recounts her life as a secretary for prominent (but thinly disguised) employers in Chicago, Miami, and New York during the late teens and 1920s.

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The Concise Oxford Companion To American Literature

Author: James David Hart
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quois (1720), they moved into Ohio, where they sided with the French in the
French and Indian War, and against the Americans in the uprising of Pontiac and
the Revolution. ... DELMAR, Vina (1905- ), New York City author, whose novels,
Bad Girl (1928; dramatized, 1930) and Kept Woman (1929), and short stories,
Loose Ladies (1929), were sensations of the day for their sleek, hard- boiled
treatments of jazz-age girls. ... P. Benjamin, and The Big Family (1961), about
John Slidell.

Leonard Maltin S Tv Movies And Video Guide 1991

Author: Leonard Maltin
Publisher: Signet
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Typical Hugo Haas fare involving a girl's plot for revenge on her former boss.
Other Woman, The ... In this real sparkler written by Anne Meara and producer Li
la Garrett, widower Linden marries a girl half his age whom he met at his wife's
funeral, and then falls for Meara, an ebullient grandmother of his own generation.
... One of the best Jazz Age silents, with absurdly melodramatic story: flapper
Joan loses Johnny to Anita Page, who's been pushed into marriage against her

The Movie Stars Story

Author: Robyn Karney
Publisher: Crescent
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Born Brooklyn, New York, 25 August, 1905 Died 1965 Clara Bow was the
provocative figure at the heart of The Jazz Age's long, wild party. She was the ...
For all that, Clara was the girl next door, feverishly self-confident and bursting
with boop- boop-a-doop. She was ... By now she was a big enough star for the
studio to construct a film around her, and the result was Elinor Glyn's It (1927), in
which she was the lingerie salesgirl who sets her cap at the boss (Antonio
Moreno). She was a ...

Antiquarian Bookman

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Boss Tweed Morrow. Great Captain (Triology) Page. Ford Model A Car & AA
Truck. 1931 or later Kroch's & Brentano's, Inc. 29 So. Wabash Ave., Chicago 3,
111. Andrews. History of Northern Wisconsin Beethoven. Man Who Freed Music
... Foundations of 19th Century Chase, M. E. Girl from the Big Horn Country
Chase, S. Tragedy of Waste; Men & Machines Men at work; Proper Study of
Manhood Culbertson. ... R. W. Essays Fitzgerald, F. S. Tales of the Jazz Age
Goldsmith, Eliz.

Jazz Journal International

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Nevertheless this is not a revivalist band and their use of blues and gospel
material is coupled with an obvious aware- ness of how jazz had changed in the
previous two decades. ... Graham Colombe NIELS-HENNING 0RSTED
PEDERSEN A GREAT SELECTION 1962-92 (1) Bouncing With Bud; (2) Wee Dot
; (3) Wait A Second; (4) Parisian Thoroughfare; (5) Skip It; (6) Swingin' Till The
Girls Come Home; (7) Cottontail; (8) Soy Califa; (9) Sweet Georgia Brown; (10)
You're Blase; (11) ...

Tv Guide

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O SNEAK PREVIEWS— Movie Reviews Scheduled: "The Morning After" (Jane
Fonda, Jeff Bridges), "Brighton Beach Memoirs" (Jonathan Silverman. ... (1964)
For his last Mm turning to poetics, Ronald Reagan plays a nasty crime boss in a
flimsy version of Hemingway's short story about gangsters hind » murder a man.
... (1974) Lavish adap* (ion ol F Scott Fitzgerald's Jazz Age class with Robert
Redford as the enigmatic m*r aire infatuated with a girl from his past Desr Mia

Encyclopedia Of World Crime A C

Author: Jay Robert Nash
ISBN: 9780923582012
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This proposal was seriously entertained by federal officials until a storm of protest
erupted in the Chicago newspapers and, especially, from Italian-American
groups who rightly complained that such a move would honor and glorify a
contemptible ... The Jazz Age; Bartlett and Steele, Empire: The Life, Legend and
Madness of Howard Hughes; Bennett, Chicago Gangland; Bennett, / Chose
Prison; Berger, The Eight Million; Biddle, /n Brief Authority; Blumenthal, Last Days
of the Sicilians; ...


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memories. Not. that. close,. so. no. cigar. for. fantastic. four. failed novelist Dan (
Law) and successful dermatologist Larry (Owen), with two women, Anna (Roberts
) and Alice (Portman). This shown through their various meetings and ...
Sherman's play is about how small changes can make a big difference. ... FOR
some people, the 1980s are remembered as a slightly tacky re-run of the jazz
age - a decade-long party fuelled by drugs, sex, stock-market cash and ersatz