The Bismarck Myth

Author: Robert Gerwarth
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Based on a large selection of primary sources, this book provides an insightful analysis of the Bismarck myth's profound impact on Germany's political culture.


Author: Jonathan Steinberg
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It was Hindenburg, the last ruling Junker, who handed Adolf Hitler the office that
Bismarck had created—that of Reich Chancellor. His only reservation typically
had to do not so much with Hitler's policy but his rank. Hitler had been only a
corporal and Hindenburg found that fact deeply distasteful. Every wrinkle in the
fossilized Prussian Field Marshall stirred at the degrading need to elevate that '
Bohemian Corporal' to Bismarck's chair. Bismarck's legacy passed through
Hindenburg to ...

Germany 1848 1914

Author: Bob Whitfield
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KEY POINTS Bismarck's successors were conspicuously unable to manage the
political system which he had bequeathed to them with the same success as
Bismarck; his alliance system fell apart in their hands. Interpretation of this
situation focuses on two points. • Was the legacy itself seriously flawed and
doomed to fail because of its inherent contradictions? LLJ • Were Bismarck's
successors simply unequal to the task confronting them? HISTORICAL

Bismarck And The Development Of Germany Volume Iii

Author: Otto Pflanze
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400861098
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disputed person but a national possession. He is not a party but the foremost of
all Germans.”9 “Has Bismarck's legacy, then, only now come up for discussion?”
In 1916 the historian Erich Marcks answered this rhetorical question in his
typically flowery prose. “From the war's beginning it has been our feeling—a most
instinctive and general feeling—that his legacy is everywhere. This war is about
his Reich. It is a war that he, like Moltke, foresaw as a threatening possibility. It is
an attack ...

Access To History From Kaiser To Fuhrer Germany 1900 1945 For Edexcel

Author: Geoff Layton
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The Prussian statesman Otto von Bismarck undoubtedly played a crucial role in
this, yet at the time few regretted his fall from power in 1890. The country was
changing rapidly and many Germans mirrored the growing confidence of the new
young emperor, Wilhelm II. This chapter aims to give a broad overview of
Germany in 1900 and will examine the following themes: ' Bismarck's legacy '
The German economy ' The changing spirit of the age: New ideas ' German
society ' The ...

The Biography Book

Author: Daniel S. Burt
Publisher: Greenwood Publishing Group
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A Reader's Guide to Nonfiction, Fictional, and Film Biographies of More Than 500
of the Most Fascinating Individuals of All Time Daniel S. Burt. 32 OTTO VON
BISMARCK the central figures in .... Eyck's liberalism provides an interesting
challenge to the dominant German view of Bismarck's legacy, particularly in light
of the Nazi debacle. Kent, George 0. Bismarck and His Times. Carbondale:
Southern Illinois University Press, 1978. 184pp. Kent's study is best as an
introduction to the ...

Democracy And The Political In Max Weber S Thought

Author: Terry Maley
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442643366
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21 the results of bismarck's rule were debilitating: 'nowhere else in the world has
even the most unbounded admiration for the personality of a politician led a
proud nation sacrifice its own, objective convictions so unreservedly.'22
bismarck's legacy was that citizens had no meaningful democratic representation
in the Reichstag. this prevented the development of political judgment in elected
officials and potential leaders that a functioning parliament would have produced.
bismarck ...


Author: Edgar Feuchtwanger
Publisher: Routledge
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BISMARCK'S. LEGACY. AND. INFLUENCE. Before Bismarck, German central
Europe had been the playground of foreign powers,andPrussia wastheweakest
of themajorpowers. Bismarck had made the Second Reich and turned it into
Europe's semi hegemonial power.Astime wenton,the newReich's rapid
demographic and economic growth made it into the potentially hegemonic power
of Europe. Bismarck's powerful Germany had to take its place among the existing
major countries.

Germany 1858 1990

Author: Alison Kitson
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
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Bismarck's. legacy. Historical debate German historians initially regarded
Bismarck as a hero and created a myth that the German Empire was the product
of inevitable and natural forces. However, the rise of Hitler and the Second World
War had a profound impact on historians' assessment of Bismarck. As early as
1950, connections were being made between Bismarck and Hitler. Historians
began to question whether there was something more sinister behind Bismarck's
'rule' and ...