Author: Philippa Strum
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Anyone with an interest in this icon of our law and public policy should not miss this excellent book. -- Washington Post Book World.

William James And The Quest For An Ethical Republic

Author: Trygve Throntveit
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137068620
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Walter Lippmann and the American Century. Boston: Little, Brown, 1980. Stettner,
EdwardA. ShapingModern Liberalism: Herbert Croly and Progressive Thought.
Lawrence: University Pressof Kansas,1993. Strauss,Leo. WhatIsPolitical
Philosophy?Glencoe, IL:FreePress, 1959. Strum, Philippa. Brandeis: Beyond
Progressivism. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas,1993. ———. “Brandeis:
The Public Activist and Freedom of Speech.” BrandeisLaw Journal 45(Summer
2007): 659–709.

Reconsidering American Liberalism

Author: James Young
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 0429977409
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Philippa Strum, Louis D. Brandeis: Justice for the People (Cambridge: Harvard
University Press, 1984), x. My account of Brandeis is deeply indebted to Strum's
fine book, which combines biography and constitutional law with an extensive
treatment of Brandeis's political thought. More recently she published a study
even more sharply focused on Brandeis as a political thinker and edited a
collection of his contributions to democratic theory. See Strum, Brandeis: Beyond
Progressivism ...

History Of American Political Thought

Author: Bryan-Paul Frost
Publisher: Lexington Books
ISBN: 9780739106242
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David F. Forte Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr., (1841-1935) and Louis D. Brandeis (
1856-1941) are the progenitors of the modern Supreme Court and, through the
Court, of much of modern America. Holmes and ... Despite his philosophy,
Holmes became an icon of the Progressives. ... Beyond his innate brilliance and
extraordinary ambition, there were three particular influences that shaped the life
of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. : his father, his experience in the Civil War, and the
new ...

Educating Democracy

Author: Brian Danoff
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438429630
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In The Moral Foundations of the American Republic, ed. Robert Horwitz.
Charlottesville: University Press of Virginia, 1986. ———. What the Anti-
Federalists Were For. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1981. Strum,
Philippa. Brandeis: Beyond Progressivism. Lawrence: University Press of Kansas
, 1993. ———. Louis D. Brandeis: Justice for the People. Cambridge, MA:
Harvard University Press, 1984. Thorsen, Niels Aage. The Political Thought of
Woodrow Wilson, 1875–1910.

America History And Life

Author: Eric H. Boehm
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with heightened political importance. On one side, resistance to the mobilization
of American foodstuffs was reflected and articulated in food poetry that contested
the construction of American food policies as benevolent and altruistic and
indicted the food speculators. On the other side, the promotion of women's
patriotic .... Brandeis: Beyond Progressivism. (American Political Thought series.)
Lawrence: U. Pr. of Kansas, 1993. 228 pp. Annals of the American Academy of
Political and ...

Progressivism And The New Democracy

Author: Sidney M. Milkis
Publisher: Univ of Massachusetts Press
ISBN: 9781558491939
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Oliver Wendell Holmes, Brandeis, and Ros- coe Pound established a tradition of
socially conscious jurisprudence. Robert La Follette, Theodore Roosevelt,
Woodrow Wilson, and dozens of other reform-minded political leaders attacked
the excesses of corporate and financial power while successfully seizing the
middle ground in American politics. A remarkable burst of legislative and
administrative action gave meaning to the new ideas. At the local and state levels
, mayors and ...

Selected Acquisitions Of The Library

Author: Indiana University, Bloomington. Law Library
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port. KF 373 BS4SW43 1993 135 BONUS THE 1994 GUIDE TO
Publications PLC, 1994. 72 p.: col. ill. (Euromoney research guides) HG4651 .
PROGRESSIVISM. Philippa Strum. Lawrence, Kan.: University Press of Kansas,
c1993. x, 228 p. (American political thought) KF 8745 .B67 S77 1993 137 OF

The Jewish Justices Of The Supreme Court Revisited

Author: Supreme Court Historical Society
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More than most Justices, Brandeis has been of considerable scholarly interest
because of his social and political thought and its role in his life. Melvin I. Urofsky,
A Mind of One Piece: Brandeis and American Reform (New York: Charles
Scribner's Sons, 1971) shows through a series of essays how closely action and
philosophy can be related in a single personality. Although his harshest ...
Philippa Strum, Brandeis: Beyond Progressivism (Lawrence: University Press of
Kansas, 1993) ...

American Review Of Politics

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Brandeis: Beyond Progressivism. Lawrence, KS: University Press of Kansas,
1993. 228 pp. ($25.00 cloth). Theodore Lowi argues persuasively in The End of
Liberalism that the Supreme Court is the nation's political theorist, developing
doctrine, educating the public, and guiding the nation. If Lowi is right, it makes
sense to investigate the political thinking of one of the Court's most revered
members, Louis D. Brandeis, as Philippa Stern ably does in Brandeis: Beyond