Bullet City

Author: Joshua Catalano
Publisher: J.M. Catalano
ISBN: 9780998817705
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He is the best of the best, despite how unorthodox his methods of law enforcement may be. From his Marty McFly life vest, to his high top sneakers, Sony Walkman and dinosaur of a phone, it is clear this is a man stuck in the 80's.

Bullet City

Author: James Dargan
ISBN: 9781520819419
Size: 31.30 MB
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Bayside City, Bullet City in a word.

Bullet To The Head

Author: Matz
Publisher: Dynamite
ISBN: 1606901974
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Jimmy Bobo, a hitman, and his partner, Blanchard, kill a corrupt policeman, but after his partner is mysteriously murdered, Bobo allies himself with the detective investigating the policeman's death, as together they uncover a complex web ...


Author: Laurell K. Hamilton
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0755370910
Size: 13.31 MB
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I am JeanClaude's animal to call, and the third leg of the triumvirate of power that
allows him to run the city and have enough power to keep everyone safe.' He
looked at JeanClaude now. 'You are a good Master of the City, JeanClaude. I
didn't realize that the Master of the City is like the boss of a business. If the boss is
a crazy bitch, then she hires more crazy people, and she keeps everybody else
crazy. Nikolaos was that kind of Master of the City. Anita killed her to save all of
us, but it ...

The Bullet Meant For Me

Author: Jan Reid
Publisher: University of Texas Press
ISBN: 147730634X
Size: 57.18 MB
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If anyone in the United States doubted the menace ofthe police in Mexico City,
the doubts should have been dispelled by the death of Frederick McPhail, a
twentysevenyearold New Yorker murdered seven months afterI was shot. A
Mexican coroner ruled that McPhail drank himself to death, which was true;
except that Mexico City cops forced him to guzzle straight vodka until he passed
out, after first drawing all available cash out of his credit cards. The case was
cracked because the ...

How Paris Became Paris

Author: Joan DeJean
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing USA
ISBN: 1620401134
Size: 49.93 MB
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The Invention of the Modern City Joan DeJean. “Vehicles transporting
merchandise and ... Homeowners object: Michel Félibien 4:425–28 gives the
fullest overview of the different ways ofdealing with homeowners who tried to
resist the city's plans. See also Arrest du Conseil pour ... Bullet-Blondel. map.
Bullet's involvement began: Langenskiöld, 9. Bullet and the Ritz Hotel: DeJean
2009, 30–31. Bullet as city inspector and his early work on the map: Archives
Nationales H2 2012.

From The Bullet To The Ballot

Author: Jakobi Williams
Publisher: UNC Press Books
ISBN: 1469608162
Size: 54.32 MB
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Jesse Jackson appropriated the group's name and its effective, class-conscious
grassroots organizing principles to transfer the ilbpp's accomplishments in a
racially strained city to a national arena, even though he was not a supporter of
such politics prior to Harold Washington's election.48 Forty years after the
establishment of the ilbpp's Rainbow Coalition, Barack Obama was elected as
the first African American president of the United States. Under the counsel of
David Axelrod, who ...

The Atlantic City Gamble

Author: George Sternlieb
Publisher: Harvard University Press
ISBN: 9780674051263
Size: 59.86 MB
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BULLET. Gambling, Atlantic City style: The bus burrows through the Pinelands
that surround what used to be one of America's grandest seashore resorts,
speeds past the bleak reality of present- day Atlantic City, of vacant stores and
empty lots, and pulls up at the loading dock of the casino. The people come out of
the bus carefully holding the grab bars, dismounting stiffly. In part their timidity
reflects this new experience - riding the gaming bus two hours from Newark to
Atlantic City ...

A Bullet For Jesus

Author: Jim Boyd
Publisher: Morgan James Publishing
ISBN: 1630475165
Size: 58.18 MB
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Every day the newspapers explode with the tragic headlines of another teen
killing innocent people. Teen violence today is one of the worst tragedies
America has ever experienced, and it is one of the hardest and the easiest to
correct. I will show you one approach that can hopefully end teen violence. New
York City is a city of contradictions: alive by day and dangerous by night. Even in
the nicest neighborhoods, you can be faced with a crazed drug addict who will
kill you to get the ...

A Bullet For Stonewall

Author: King, Benjamin
Publisher: Pelican Publishing
ISBN: 9781455601684
Size: 60.70 MB
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Washington, D.C March 1863 In 1863, Washington, D.C. was a city in transition.
Prior to the War Between the States, it was a sleepy southern town on the edge of
malarial swamp. The town came awake only when Congress was in session and
slaves were bought and sold within sight of the Capitol. It was during this time of
year that the separation between the different strata of society became marked.
Senators, Congressmen, and their wealthy social counterparts spent thousands
of ...