Monastische Kultur Als Transkonfessionelles Ph Nomen

Author: Ludwig Steindorff
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A comparison between Western European Catholic monasteries and Russian Orthodox monasteries during the late Middle Ages and Early Modern period reveals their common roots in the Western and Eastern monastic traditions as well as ...


Author: Polyainos
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Polyainos schrieb für die römischen Kaiser ein Werk über Stragetika, über strategische Tricks.

Encyclopedia International

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Another aspect of the culture of the Eastern Empire is described in BYZANTINE
MUSIC. One of the greatest heritages of the Byzantine Empire is in the field of law
. Justinian had Roman law codified. The code named for him forms the basis for
the law codes of most European and Latin-American nations and of the state of
Louisiana. (See JUSTINIAN I and ROMAN LAW. In the field of letters Byzantine
literary scholars, historians, and poets carried on the traditions of Greek and ...

Die Odyssee

Author: Jonas Grethlein
Publisher: C.H.Beck
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Die Odyssee zählt zum überzeitlichen Schatz der Weltliteratur.

The Mckay One Volume International Encyclopedia

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The B.E. rendered great services to civilization, as the guardian of Greek culture
and Roman law during the Dark Ages, as the centre whence Christian civilization
penetrated the Third letter of the alphabet. It corresponds to Heb. gimel and Gk.
gamma, both derived from the Semitic word for 'camel'. Originally representing a
hard g, it was used by the Romans for k also. In the Roman system the numeral C
stands for a hundred; C. is also used for 'Celsius', formerly called 'Centigrade' in ...

Encycopedia Britannica

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886), Byzantine emperor from 867 to 886, founder of the Macedonian dynasty
which lasted till 1056, was of peasant origin and probably of Armenian descent,
although his family had been settled in Macedonia. ... manuals, the Procheiron
and the Epanagoge, appeared, but the great codification planned was not ready
until the reign of his successor, Leo VI; this was the Basilica (q.v.), a collection of
60 books in Greek, which formed the basis of the medieval Byzantine legal

Civilization Past And Present

Author: Robert R. Edgar
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Over the next decade Leo rebuilt the areas ruined by war and strengthened the
theme system. He reformed the law, limiting capital punishment to crimes
involving treason. He increased the use of mutilation ... He was concerned that
icons played too prominent a role in Byzantine life and that their common use as
godparents, witnesses at weddings, and objects of adoration went against the
Old Testament prohibition of the worship of graven images. Accordingly, the
emperor ordered ...

Ein Literarischer Prometheus

Author: Manuel Baumbach
Publisher: Universitaetsverlag Winter
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This book presents the author and his work from various perspectives, indicating his place in the literature and culture of the Roman Empire and gives an overview of his reception from antiquity to today. German description: Lukian (2.