A Letter To George Canning Relative To A Free Trade In Corn In Great Britain

Author: William Keer Brown
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tish soil be removed, and foreign corn was then allowed to come in, under similar
regulations, a perfect free trade in corn would be established, as well for the
English as for the foreign agriculturist ; but foreign corn coming into this country
under a law, fixing a permanent protecting duty upon such corn, would be only an
open trade, as compared with the present conditional prohibitory one — one act
of the Legislature jn fixing such duty (should it be done) upon foreign corn, only ...

A Complete Course In Canning And Related Processes

Author: Susan Featherstone
Publisher: Woodhead Publishing
ISBN: 0857096850
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This 14th edition of these books builds on the excellent foundations laid by the
authors who contributed to the original articles that were published in the early
1900s in the magazine The Trade, published in Baltimore in the United States of
America (it was later called The Canning Trade and is now called Food
Production Management). In 1906 the articles were published in a book entitled
A Complete Course in Canning: Being a Thorough Exposition of the Best
Practical Methods of ...

The Politics Of Slave Trade Suppression In Britain And France 1814 48

Author: P. Kielstra
Publisher: Springer
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329. Macaulay to Planta, 18 February 1823, FO 84/26, f. 19, [Allen], Life, 2. 242,
Wilberforce, Life, 5. 152–3, Knutsford, Life, p. 380. The consul at Nantes smugly
reported the visit of a British Quaker, doubtless Josiah Forster, who left 'fully
satisfied that Force alone' could suppress the trade (Barnes to Canning, 30 June
1824, FO 84/33, ff. 162–3). Wellington to Canning, 3 May 1823, Canning, Box
105, Stuart to Canning, 5 January 1824, FO 84/33, Harrison to Canning, 9
February 1824, ...

The Slave Trade

Author: Hugh Thomas
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
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... Lord Hawkesbury — had been presented with the freedom of the great slaving
city of Liverpool in June 1788 to thank him for his parliamentary support of the
slave trade. In May 1796, when Hawkesbury had been created earl of Liverpool,
the corporation invited him to quarter the arms of the city with his own. As a young
man, the second earl of Liverpool had had most of the attitudes of his father,
voting constantly against abolition, as George Canning had as constantly

A Complete Course In Canning And Related Processes

Author: D L Downing
Publisher: Elsevier
ISBN: 1845696190
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Fundamental Information on Canning D L Downing. source of canning
information, asking for directions upon the canning of the particular product in
which they were interested. Baltimore was then, not only the Mother of the
canning industry, but the hub-center of the business, and diligent work among
these canners soon afforded formulae for the various products, as then used.
Since his earliest association with the industry, in the founding of The Canning
Trade, first called The Trade, ...

Pure Ketchup

Author: Andrew F. Smith
Publisher: Univ of South Carolina Press
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Source: A Complete Course in Canning (Baltimore: Canning Trade, 1906), 154.
Second-Grade Sweet Catsup Two hundred gallons barrel pulp, 4 gallons vinegar
, 5 pounds salt, 20 pounds sugar, 12 pounds ground cayenne pepper, 10 ounces
coriander seed, 10 ounces ginger, 6 ounces allspice, 6 ounces cloves, 3 ounces
Saigon cinnamon. Cook same as medium grade. Source: A Complete Course in
Canning (Baltimore: Canning Trade, 190), 154. Catsup Spices (Powdered) Four