Car Accident Secrets

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Learn the secrets today of what you need to know if you or someone in your family is involved in a car accident.

Car Trade Secrets

Author: Blake C Gunn
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Vehicle. Accident. The government is currently trying to kerb the whiplash culture
and I will deal here with the simple but sometimes complicated process of what
happens in the event of an accident. At the scene of the accident if you are able
to do so take pictures of both vehicles and in particular the damage to both
vehicles. Where my camera you may say' it is on your mobile 'phone and should
be of sufficient quality for this purpose. Exchange details and if the accident is not
your ...

Little Secrets 2 No Accident

Author: Emily Blake
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... search under his mother's name, Susan Ramirez. There were several articles,
since she had been a prominent figure in the community—or at least the wife of
one. “It must have been so hard with your daddy out of town and everything. You
and Zoey were all alone.” Deirdre's voice was back. Tom clicked on an article
dated the day after his mom's car crash and stared. There was a picture of a huge
tow rig pulling a halfdemolished vehicle out of the lake—the car his mom had
died in.

The Secrets Of Money

Author: Braun Mincher
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If you don't brake quickly enough and rear-end the car in front of you, it's your
fault. Claims are filed and your insurance—not his—pays for damages to his car.
The same goes for doing property damage to someone else's property (for
example, hitting their tree), or hitting a pedestrian or causing injury to a
passenger—whether they were in your car or the other driver's car—if you were
considered liable for the accident. The determination of who is liable in a multi-
car accident is usually ...

Secrets Of A New York Medical Malpractice Personal Injury Attorney

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“Well, do you remember the car accident you were in?” asks the doctor.“No.What
car accident?” you ask. “Two months ago, while driving through the intersection
with a green light, a driver going the other way, blew through a red light, into the
intersection and smashed your door. It took 15 firefighters to pry you out of your
car with massive tools that ripped apart the car.You were then rushed to this
hospital, and you've been here ever since,” the doctor replied. “But my family, my
job, my ...

Almost Broken The Secrets Within

Author: Shanell Cureton
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Then it happened: Tasha's ass just had to find her way into the conversation. It
turns out, all the fronting Tasha was doing at the school when we initially walked
up to Jason was all a bunch of bull. Tasha and Jason weren't as cool as I thought.
The two of them managed to go their separate ways due to a terrible car accident
they were in together. “Tell me more about the car accident,” I insisted. Jason had
no idea Tasha had already told me about the car accident a few months before I ...

Cistern Secrets

Author: Jan Jansen
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When word came in about an auto accident near Peshtigo and the car full of
moonshine, they knew mule was dead. If the mule did do something to Miller,
they may never find out for sure. Nor they might never find his body. Delmonico
tried to contact his cousin. He wanted to touch base with him about the accident
and loss of the load of shine. His cousin was partnered in a food service supply
company down in the Third Ward in Milwaukee. It was the perfect cover for a man
to drive ...

30 Secrets To Saving Money On Your Auto Insurance

Author: Chris Newbold
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If a car dealer is helping you secure coverage for your loan it may not include
liability insurance. Be careful and protect yourself. The dealer's contract may
have said in big red letters that it does not include liability insurance, but if you
did not understand liability insurance at the time you signed the paper, you may
not have paid much attention to the statement. If you were involved in an accident
with comprehensive and collision only, your company would only pay to fix your

Secrets Of Forbidden Love

Author: Cándida R. DeVito
Publisher: Palibrio
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He had been in a car accident and had come directly from the scene of the
accident to my office at Boston College at about two in the afternoon. I was
having office hours, and I had appointments scheduled throughout the afternoon.
But when I saw David so distressed and found out about the accident, I cancelled
all of my appointments and took him out for lunch. We went to a Ground Round
Restaurant nearby Boston College. David was very hungry and while he was
eating, he kept ...

Secrets Behind The Auto Injury Claim Game

Author: Michael Brandner
Publisher: Word Association Publishers
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in the crash. Of the two drivers' statements, the officer based his findings on the
belief that the driver who was not my client was telling him the real story. The
police officer ignored the two eye-witnesses literally standing next to the police
car. He did not interview either of them. Fortunately, my client gathered the
witnesses' names, addresses and telephone numbers. The witnesses' testimony
validated my client's story and discredited the made-up story the other driver had
given to the ...