Chains Of Command

Author: Marko Kloos
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The assault on Earth was thwarted by the destruction of the aliens' seed ship, but with Mars still under Lanky control, survivors work frantically to rebuild fighting capacity and shore up planetary defenses.


Author: Anthony King
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A more likely misuse of instantaneous communications is sidestepping the chain
of command during an incident involving unit casualties. It is standard procedure
for the chain of command to hit the 'kill switch' on outgoing communications
immediately after casualties are known. For official channels (e.g., publicly
shared morale computers), the kill switch could be literal. For unofficial channels (
e.g., private cell phones), however, the kill switch relies on following the chain of
command's ...

Front Lines

Author: Miguel Martinez
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The chain of command occasionally provided alternative structures for literary
patronage. The army's baggage train carried books from Antwerp to Barcelona,
from Milan to Tunis, from Seville to Santiago de Chile or Manila. While the
Habsburg territories in Europe, together with their neighboring lands, have been
deemed “the heartland of the military revolution,” the dynasty's imperial ambitions
made the soldiers' republic reach quite far.10 The soldiers' discourse on war
entailed a ...

On The Frontlines Of The Welfare State

Author: Barry Goetz
Publisher: Routledge
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®chain. of command. ̄ Hyde«s fire chief and his deputies were at the top of this
chain, overseeing five operations divisions, four devoted to suppression and one
devoted to code enforcement and post-incident investigations. Suppression
divisions were geographically-based and provided emergency services on a 24-
hour basis. Therefore, they absorbed most of the personnel and material
resources of the HFD. There were 52 rotating ...

Frontline Pakistan

Author: Zahid Hussain
Publisher: Penguin Books India
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Seymour M. Hersh, Chain of Command (New York: HarperCollins), pp. 315-16. '
As nuclear secrets emerge in Khan inquiry, more are suspected', New York
Times. In The Guardian, 31 January 2004. 'Beg asked Nawaz to give nuclear
technology to a “friend” says Ishaq Dar', Daily Times, Lahore, 25 December 2003.
Interview with General Aslam Beg in February 2004. 'Dr Khan linked to nuclear
black-market', The News, 28 January 2004. 'Confession or cover up', Newsline,
February ...

Front Lines

Author: Michael Grant
Publisher: Egmont UK
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It creates an odd sort of show since his choices of emphasis seem almost random
. “I have been ordered to thus accept females, and I carry out my orders. But as
long as I am in command of this facility, I will exercise my discretion to the
maximum, to ensure that the natural order of the sexes”—that phrase comes with
three rapid bounces—“a natural order that has decreed that woman shall bear
children and tend the hearth, while men shoulder the harsher burdens of life's
vicissitudes .

Order In Chaos

Author: Hermann Balck
Publisher: University Press of Kentucky
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Everyone also received airmail postage for a special letter home, and in some
rare cases a telephone call to family members. I also encouraged the
subordinate divisions to establish a rest center for every battalion close behind
the front line. A newly established corps newspaper created an additional
channel of communications for the frontline soldiers. In it, tactics and techniques
and other matters were discussed that were not always passed along the chain of
command to every ...

World War I

Author: Spencer Tucker
Publisher: ABC-CLIO
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(Hulton Archive/Getty Images) gation to support the frontline commanders'
decisions. The battalion commander also would have operational control of any
reinforcements committed to his sector, regardless of the size of the reinforcing
unit or its commander's rank. This approach ensured continuity of command and
exploited the frontline battalion commander's superior knowledge of the terrain
and situation. Lossberg's innovations effectively shorted the chain of command.
Under this ...


Author: Kim Elith
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Mike is so keen to be taken seriously as a journalist he naively assumes that
there won't be ramifications in compiling this story: MIKE: They won't sack me for
this. FOSTER: No. They'll find something else. Foster's response reinforces the
tactic used by these higher authorities to ensure the truth is never told. No-one
high up in the chain of command will openly admit that the truth should be
suppressed, but will use different tactics to ensure it just never comes out. We see
this occurring ...

Empowerment On Chinese Police Force S Role In Social Service

Author: Xiaohai Wang
Publisher: Springer
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A centralized command structure with highly structured administrative control
mechanisms. The organizational structure is pyramidal, with a clear division of
labor among frontline officers, first-line supervisors, and police administrators. 2.
A fairly rigid chain of command with frequent use of commands and orders.
Strong enforcement of rules regulations and discipline is emphasized. Frontline
police officers are required strictly to adhere to organizational guidelines such as
decrees, ...