Marriage A History

Author: Stephanie Coontz
Publisher: Penguin
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14); James Brundage, “Concubinage and Marriage in Medieval Canon Law,”
Journal of Medieval History 1 (1975); Martin Ingram, “Spousal Litigation in the
English Ecclesiastical Courts, c1350-1640,” in R. B. Outhwaite, Marriage and
Society: Studies in the Social History of Marriage (New York: St. Martin's Press,
1981) and Church Courts, Sex and Marriage in England, 1570-1640 (Cambridge,
U.K.: Cambridge University Press, 1987); Constance Rousseau and Joel
Rosenthal, eds., ...


Author: Fernanda Pirie
Publisher: OUP Oxford
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'Communities and Courts: Law and Disorder in EarlySeventeenthCentury
Wiltshire', in J. S. Cockburn (ed.), Crime in England, 1550–1800. London:
Methuen, 110–34. Ingram, Martin, 1984. 'Ridings, Rough Music and the “Reform
of Popular Culture” in Early Modern England', Past and Present, 105: 79–113.
Ingram, Martin, 1987. Church Courts, Sex and Marriage in England, 15701640.
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Ingram, Martin, 1997. 'Juridical Folklore
in England ...

The Origins Of Sex

Author: Faramerz Dabhoiwala
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 019993939X
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Keith Wrightson, English Society, 1580–1680 (1982), 85; Quaife, Wanton
Wenches, 61–2; Martin Ingram, Church Courts, Sex and Marriage in England
15701640 (1987), 229– 30 (quoted), 267–8. 6. ... For introductions to these
themes see e.g. Laura Gowing, Domestic Dangers (1996); Bernard Capp, 'The
Double Standard Revisited', Past and Present 162 (1999) and his When Gossips
Meet (2003); Martin Ingram, 'Law, Litigants and the Construction of “Honour”', in
Peter Coss (ed.) ...

Das Augsburger Offizialatsregister 1348 1352

Author: Christian Schwab
ISBN: 9783412162009
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... Augustanae, Augsburg 1889 HOLBÖCK,C., Offizial, in: Lexikon für Theologie
und Kirche, 2., völlig neubearbeitete Auflage hg. v. JosefHöferu. Karl Rahner, Bd.
VII, Freiburg 1962, Sp. 1119-1 120 HOLZHAUER, HEINZ, Heimsuchung, in: LMA
4, München 1989, Sp. 2036 INGRAM, MARTIN, Church Courts, Sex and
Marriage in England, 1570-1640 (Past and Present Publications), Cambridge
1987 [ND 1994] INGRAM, MARTIN, Spousals Litigation in the English
Ecclesiastical Courts c.

Getting Along

Author: Dr Adam Morton
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
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Many puritans came to see the courts as relics of the Catholic past and believed
they were unsuitable instruments for Godly Reformation.3 The Court of. '
Christopher Hill, Society and Puritanism in Pre-Revolutionary England (1964),
chs 8-10, esp. pp. 309-16, 325-6, 344-9 and 359-65; Ralph Houlbrooke, Church
Courts and People During the English Reformation 1520-1570 (Oxford, 1979), pp
. 1, 15; Martin Ingram, Church Courts, Sex and Marriage in England 1570-1640 (
Cambridge, ...

Bodies Sex And Desire From The Renaissance To The Present

Author: Kate Fisher
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230354122
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Huertas GarcíaAlejo, R. (1990)'Elconcepto de “perversión sexual”enla
medicinapositivista', Asclepio, 42:2, 89–99. Hunter,J.Paul (1990) Before Novels:
The Cultural Contexts of EighteenthCentury English Fiction (New York: Norton).
Ingram,Martin (1987) Church Courts, Sex and Marriage in England, 15701640 (
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press). Ingram, Martin(2001) 'ChildSexual
AbuseinEarly Modern England'inMichaelJ. BraddickandJohn Walter (eds)
Negotiating Power in ...

Family And Friends In Eighteenth Century England

Author: Naomi Tadmor
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
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A Weld once dominated by ill-informed myths about family life in the past has
been enriched with well-researched facts and many wellfounded interpretations.
Thus, for example, we now possess ... 2–4; R. Houlbrooke,The English Family,
1450–1700 (London, 1984); M. Ingram, Church Courts, Sex and Marriage in
England, 15701640 (Cambridge, 1987); D. O'Hara, 'Ruled by my friends:
aspects of marriage in the diocese of Canterbury c. 1540–1570', Continuity and
Change 6 (1991), ...

The Church Of England In Industrialising Society

Author: Michael Francis Snape
Publisher: Boydell Press
ISBN: 9781843830146
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Moreover, insular Tory Manxmen were not unique in acknowledging and THE
. 1 M. Ingram, Church Courts, Sex and Marriage in England. 1570-1640 (
Cambridge, 1987); R.A. Marchant, The Puritans and the Church Courts in the
Diocese of York, 1560-1642 (London, 1960). 2 J. Addy, Sin and Society in the
Seventeenth Century (London, 1989), pp. 21 1-14; Ingram, Church Courts, pp.
372-3; J. Spurr, ...

Midland History

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R. N. SWANSON University of Birmingham Church Courts, Sex and Marriage in
England 1570-1640. By Martin Ingram. Cambridge University Press. Past and
Present Publications, 1987. 426 pp. £35.00. In the last few years Martin Ingram
has published several notable articles which examine critically the debate about '
the reform of popular culture' in preCivil War England. drawing on his D.Phil
research on ecclesiastical justice in Wiltshire. Keevil and Wylye, the two villages
he has ...