Coding Literacy

Author: Annette Vee
Publisher: MIT Press
ISBN: 026203624X
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How the theoretical tools of literacy help us understand programming in its historical, social and conceptual contexts.

Software Literacy

Author: Elaine Khoo
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9811070598
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Computational Culture: A Journal of Software Studies, Issue One, available from Manovich, L. (2012).
How to follow software users. Available from 04-
projects/075-how-to-follow-software-users/72_article_2012.pdf. Manovich, L. (
2013). Software takes command. In International texts in critical media aesthetics
(Vol. 5). NY: Bloomsbury ... Coding literacy: How computer programming is
changing writing.

Media Studies 2 0

Author: William Merrin
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1136186069
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The February 2011 independent review oftheskillsneeds of the video game and
visualeffects industries, Next Gen, reached the same conclusion and the
government wasforced toagree that teaching howto use wordprocessing was
inadequate. The Observer took up the call for coding skills, with John Naughton
arguing that whereaskids in the 1980sbought computers and learned how to
program them, today that direct engagement has been replaced by interfaces
turning them into ...

Resources In Education

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Two phases in the pursuit of change can be defined: (1) developing readiness in
the educational system by teaching about the technology and redefining the
educational problems amenable to technological handling; and (2)
experimenting ... Intended to be integrated in the computer literacy program in
elementary and junior high schools, the Transparent Computer is an example of
an interactive computerized model that focuses on “transparenting the black box”
and unveiling the ...

Literacy Instruction For Adolescents

Author: Karen D. Wood
Publisher: Guilford Press
ISBN: 1606233815
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For example, at the turn of the decade, these researchers gave us historical
footing in matters such as how computers and software may be used to improve
reading and writing (Kamil, 1982), and to motivate learners (Hague & Mason,
1986). They noted the rising significance of hypertext and hypermedia, and
foreshadowed the explosion of interest in the intersection of traditional literacies
and digital media, which, at the turn of the decade, comprised a new program of
inquiry ...

Dr Dobb S Journal Of Software Tools For The Professional Programmer

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For years, programmers have separated code into distinct files, compiling each
file individually, then linking the code to form a single, unified binary. Because
code in one file may affect code in several other files, whenever a file changes,
no matter how small the modification, most compilers will recompile all of the files
that depend on that file. In other words, if you have a million- line program, and
you change a comment in one file, that file and every file that depends on it will
be ...

Official Oklahoma Administrative Code

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The educational program shall emphasize the following concepts: (1) Basic skills
in reading, writing, listening, speaking, and computing (2) Self-understanding,
self-knowledge, self-esteem, and decision-making (3) Independence and
interdependence (human relations skills) (4) Exploratory experiences (5) Cultural
understanding (6) Role of technology in our society (b) All students must initially
gain literacy according to their potential at the middle level. The program of
studies shall ...

Teaching Computational Thinking And Coding In Primary Schools

Author: David Morris
Publisher: Learning Matters
ISBN: 1526414694
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September 2014 saw the introduction of the 'new' national curriculum in England,
including computing (DfE, 2013a). Not all schools, however, are obliged to follow
... industry leaders and academics calling for change. September 2012 saw the
ICT ... It involves the science of programming and computational thinking and as
such goes beyond the comparatively simple use and exchange of electronic
information that IT and Digital Literacy facilitate. This 'shift' represents
considerable ...

Uc Santa Cruz

Author: University of California, Santa Cruz
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Impact of computers on society. (General Education Code: IN.) The Staff 1 2 A.
Introduction to Programming. F,S An introductory programming course where
students learn programming and documentation skills, as well as software design
methodologies using the Pascal programming language. ... Students learn basic
computer literacy, write papers on word processing systems, and learn to interact
with and prepare a number of computer programs in a variety of applications.