Dimensions Of Human Behavior

Author: Elizabeth D. Hutchison
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Thinking about human behavior as changing configurations of person and
environment over time is a multidimensional approach. Such an approach is not
new. Social work has historically recognized human behavior as an interaction of
person with environment. The earliest social work practice book, Social
Diagnosis, written by Mary Richmond in 1917, identified the social situation and
the personality of the client as the dual focus of social work assessment. The
Settlement House ...

Human Behavior Theory And Social Work Practice

Author: Roberta R. Greene
Publisher: Transaction Publishers
ISBN: 0202366537
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Configurations of Human Behavior New York: Macmillan. Blumer, H. (1969).
Symbolic Interactionism: Perspective and Method. Englewood Cliffs, NJ: Prentice
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Sociological Paradigms and OrganizationalAnalysis. London: Heineman. Collins,
B. G. (1986). Denning feminist social work. Social Work, 31(3), 214-19. Compton,
B., & Galaway ...

Human Behavior Understanding In Networked Sensing

Author: Paolo Spagnolo
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319108077
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the power consumption for implementing network configuration E(Cn ,C∗n, A) is
minimum. That is: Given Cn ,C∗n Min E(Cn ,C∗n, A) s.t. ∑ i aij = ∑ j aij = 1,a ij ∈
{0,1} (7.12) The MAX-COVERAGE and MIN-ENERGY are combinatorial
optimization problems and they are NP-hard [9]. The brute-force searching
method such as ILP [13] is unfeasible to solve the problem especially for the first
one. In the next section, we will introduce our distributed coverage-probability-
based heuristic ...

Computer Analysis Of Human Behavior

Author: Albert Ali Salah
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 9780857299949
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The parts representation can appear at configurations that may be very hard to
detect due to the nonrigidity of the human performer. The ambiguities result in the
loss of depth, and occlusions make this task only harder. Many methods in the
literature have been extended to detect these configurations under specific
constraints. One of the most commonly explored constraints is the detection of
pedestrians, which can only undergo certain visual deformations. These
deformations can be ...

Nonlinear Dynamics In Human Behavior

Author: William H. Sulis
Publisher: World Scientific
ISBN: 9789810227425
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Psychosocial configurations are defined as a multivariate combination of
psychological and social variables having emergent properties. Such
configurations are composed out of 2 to 8 variables, while keeping
representations manageable and understandable. We have worked so far with 3
and 4 variables. Any N-variable configuration has 2N possible (theoretical)
combinations (i.e. 4 variables have 24 = 16 possible combinations). The
configuration is simply the appending of the ...

Encyclopedia Of Human Behavior

Publisher: Academic Press
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In a series of experiments, William Chase and Herbert Simon presented both
chess masters and novice players with different configurations of chess pieces on
a playing board. Participants were shown these configurations for 5 s, which
were later covered up so that participants could not see them. In a critical
manipulation, these configurations were either possible chess positions or were
entirely random. Once the configuration was hidden from view, participants were
to recreate the ...

Human Behavior Understanding

Author: Albert Ali Salah
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3642254462
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Obtained results, corresponding to 5 randomly selected training/test
configurations are reported on Table1. Table 1. Summary of experimental results
using 5 randomly selected configurations from KTH1 and KTH2 Config.1 Config.2
Config.3 Config.4 Config.5Average KTH1 3D-ConvNet + Voting 90.79 90.24
91.42 91.17 91.62 91.04 3D-ConvNet + LSTM 92.69 96.55 94.25 93.55 94.93
94.39 3D-ConvNet + Voting 89.14 88.55 89.89 89.45 89.97 89.40 KTH2 3D-
ConvNet + LSTM 91.50 ...

Human Behavior Learning And Transfer

Author: Yangsheng Xu
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 9781420036978
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This phenomenon refers to the fact that the more divergence for the local
environmental features obtained in nearby configurations, the larger the distance
measure in recognition/matching is encountered. Empirically these explanations
match with experience in daily life where similar visual perception is received
when a human being is in nearby locations/orientations in a static environment.
Smaller differences in sensing configurations yield higher perceptional similarity.
On the ...

Essentials Of Human Behavior

Author: Elizabeth D. Hutchison
Publisher: SAGE Publications
ISBN: 1483377733
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However, you will be better able to think about the unity of these three aspects of
human behavior when you have developed a clearer understanding of the
different dimensions encompassed by each one. A review of theory and research
about the different dimensions will help you to sharpen your thinking about what
is involved in the changing configurations of persons and environments. The
purpose of Chapters 3–5 is to provide you with an uptodate understanding of
theory and ...