Couple Mechanics

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Couple Mechanics

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The resultant moment of a couple is called a torque. This is not to be confused with the term torque as it is used in physics, where it is merely a synonym of moment.

Mechanics For Beginners

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The student will readily conceive that the tendency of a couple which acts on a
free rigid body is to make the body turn round; and it is shewn in works on the
higher parts of mechanics that such is the case : the rotation takes place round a
straight line which always passes through a certain point in the body called its
centre of gravity, but is not necessarily perpendicular to the plane of the couple.
67. Two couples in the same plane may differ as to the direction in which they
tend to turn ...


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Von außen betrachtet führt sie ein komfortables, abgesichertes Leben; im Inneren bricht sie auseinander. Jill Essbaum hat ein atemberaubend kraftvolles Debüt geschrieben.

Defect And Material Mechanics

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The present work aims at extending this technique in studying crack problems
within couple-stress elasticity, i.e. within a theory accounting for effects of
microstructure. As a first step, the technique is introduced to study finitelength
cracks under remotely applied shear loadings (mode II and mode III cases). The
mode II and mode III cracks are modeled by a continuous distribution of glide and
screw dislocations, respectively, that create both standard stresses and couple
stresses in the ...

Mechanics Of Generalized Continua

Author: Gérard A. Maugin
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We assume that the response of the material is governed by standard couple-
stress elasticity (Cosserat elasticity with constrained rotations). This theory falls
into the category of generalized continuum theories and is a particular case of the
general approach of Mindlin [13]. One of the earlier works that advanced ideas
underlying couple-stress elasticity was the treatise by the Cosserat H.G.
Georgiadis () Department of Mechanics, National Technical University of Athens,
Zographou ...

Engineering Mechanics

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Three types of quantities are commonly encountered in mechanics: scalars,
vectors and tensors. A scalar quantity possesses only magnitude. Mass, time,
energy, area and temperature are some examples of ... of motion. The equilibrant
is a force that is equal in magnitude and opposite in direction to the resultant.
While the latter is the vector sum 2 Engineering Mechanics Scalars, Vectors and
Tensors Fundamental Concepts and Operations 3 Force 3 Couple and moment 3

Engineering Mechanics Statics Si Version

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6.1(a) that is loaded by the external forces F1, F2 ,..., F5. To determine the
internal force system acting on the cross section labeled 1 (perpendicular to the
axis of the bar), we must first isolate the portions of the bar lying on either side of
section 1. The free-body diagram (FBD) of the portion to the left of section 1 is
shown in Fig. 6.1(b). In addition to the external forces F1, F2, and F3, this FBD
shows the resultant force-couple system of the internal forces that are distributed
over the cross ...

Engineering Mechanics

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4–27 A couple is defined as two parallel forces that have the same magnitude,
but opposite directions, and are separated by a perpendicular distance d, Fig.4–
25.Since the resultant force is zero, the only effect of a couple is to produce a
rotation or tendency of rotation in a specified direction. For example,imagine that
you are driving a car with both hands on the steering wheel and you are making
a turn. One hand will push up on the wheel while the other hand pulls down,
which ...

Engineering Mechanics

Author: Jaget babu
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Thus, it can be asserted that the couple has the same moment about every point
in space. This is illustrated in Figure 3.60 in which we see that although the
position vectors to points 1 and 2 will change for a new origin O the difference
between these vectors does not change. The implication of this fact is that the
couple moment is a free vector and can be moved anywhere in space without
changing its meaning, provided that we keep the direction and magnitude intact.
As a result, for ...