Depeche Mode

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”Shouldn't Have Done That” – 3:12 11. ”The Sun & the Rainfall” – 5:02 1. ”Leave
in Silence” – 6:28 2. ”My Secret Garden” – 4:46 3. ”Monument” – 3:15 4. ”Nothing
to Fear” – 4:18 5. ”See You” – 4:34 6. ”Satellite” – 4:44 7. 8. 9. • All compositions
by Martin Gore. • David Gahan sings lead vocals on all songs except ”Shouldn't
Have Done That” which is a duet with Gore. ”Nothing to Fear” and ”Further
Excerpts From: My Secret Garden” are instrumental. 2006 re-release Mute: DM
CD 2 ...

Stripped Depeche Mode

Author: Jonathan Miller
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'My Secret Garden'/'See You'/'Satellite'/'Nothing To Fear'/'The Meaning Of Love'/'A
Photograph Of You' -Additional tracks in PCM Stereo." 'Now This Is Fun'/'
Oberkorn (It's A Small Town)'/'Excerpt From: My Secret Garden' - Depeche Mode."
I982 — The beginning of their so-called dark phase (PCM Stereo) A Broken
Frame (CDXSTUMM 26, October 2, 2006): 'Leave In Silence'/'My Secret Garden'/'
Monument'/'Nothing To Fear'/'See You'/ 'Satellite'/'The Meaning Of Love'/'A
Photograph ...

Depeche Mode

Author: Serhiy Zhadan
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“We can sell it to Marusia—she has a whole apartment full of this kind of crap,
maybe she'd like to have this monument too!” And here we all recall Mausia. But
Marusia needs to be phoned ahead of time, we can't just barge in on her— it
would make things worse. Marusia is a kind of link to the external world, in fact, it
was from her that I first learned that you can actually take a taxi even if you're not
late for a train, or going home drunk—but just like that. You step out of your house
and ...

Depeche Mode

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Деннис Бурмейстер, Саша Ланге. УДК 789(410) ББК 85.318 Д44 Depeche
Mode. Монумент / [пер. с англ. Ю. Морозовой]. – Д44 Москва: Издательство «
Э», 2017. – 440 с. : ил. Первый исчерпывающий путеводитель по истории
уникальной группы, в багаже которой более 100 миллионов проданных копий
альбомов, первые строки хит-парадов, успешные туры, исключительно
преданное фан-сообщество. Более чем 30-летняя история успеха
легендарной группы ...

Dave Gahan Depeche Mode The Second Coming

Author: Trevor Baker
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Depeche Mode wanted to prove that they could survive as a threepiece without
Vince; as yet, the productive partnership with Alan Wilder was untapped. They
desperately wanted to sound more serious and adult but the attempt wasn't
entirely successful. In reality ... In many of the better tracks, 'Monument', 'My
Secret Garden' and 'Satellite', Dave's uncharacteristically restrained. The whole
record is very minimalist and 2D. When it veers away from this, with the faster,
more expansive ...

Depeche Mode The Early Years 1981 1993

Author: Trevor Baker
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They were mostly soft, slow affairs that Martin could just as easily have sung
himself. The best songs on the album – 'My Secret Garden', 'Monument' and '
Leave In Silence' – are all about mood and ambience, rather than the energy and
fun of the previous album. They were disillusioned with dance music and
straightforward pop but they didn't know what exactly they wanted to replace it
with. “It's getting away from dance music,' Martin told Simon Tebbutt of Record
Mirror at the time.