Author: Jonathan Rupprecht
Publisher: CreateSpace
ISBN: 9781502805522
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Offers an overview of unmanned aircraft and the laws surrounding their use.


Author: Jonathan Rupprecht
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This is an unmanned aircraft systems operator's logbook that was designed by a commercial pilot, flight instructor, and drone attorney because he had a need for a drone logbook.

Drone Wars Ethical Legal And Strategic Implications

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While the debate on the moral and legal aspects of the uses of armed drones has
been growing, drones have been projected in some quarters as the weapons of
the future generation. The US and its ally ... Impressed with the success of the
lethal US drones, there is a mad race amongst developing countries to acquire
and develop drones for their armed forces. However, while ... This includes the
large number of civilian uses, ranging from surveillance and reconnaissance to
scientific ...

Governing The Use Of Force In International Relations

Author: A. Warren
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137411449
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The Post 9/11 US Challenge on International Law A. Warren, I. Bode ... Because
the United States only started targeting the African state in 2010, ithas received
the least coverageso far, andfew civilian casualties havebeen reported. ... the
Obama administration argues that its drone targeting policy both
insideandoutside declared theaters of conflictis legal because it is in a state
ofinternational armed conflict with Al Qaedaand its affiliates, and assuch, uses
force strictly in selfdefense.

Drone Operations A Jurislogue

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While drones have already been tested and tried, and are currently in use in
many countries, there are, however, some doubts about the legality of their
operations under the existing air laws, and hesitance to integrate these in the air
space with other conventional air traffic. The technology has established itself
very well and has come to stay. It can now neither be reversed nor can
proliferation of its utilities be stunted; its military uses are well proven and the
numbers of combat drones ...

Striking Power

Author: Jeremy Rabkin
Publisher: Encounter Books
ISBN: 1594038880
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In the hopes that law and morality can reduce the amount of conflict, these
officials and scholars believe that war should represent a difficult hurdle to cross.
Others ... 24 Philip Alston, the U.N. expert, argued that U.S. drone practice may
violate international law because it targeted the leaders of terrorist groups off any
recognized battlefield, which he believed tantamount to using force to kill civilians
in ... In their view, private groups and individuals, rather than nations, cannot
wage war.


Author: Sarah E. Kreps
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190235373
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... the ability to deploy it from thousands of miles away” but how the munitions are
used.61 In assuming that lethal force is lethal force, what all of these assertions
sidestep is the question of whether armed drones change the calculus
surrounding the use of force. In other words, if a type of technology lowers the
cost or risk of using force, then lethal force might still be lethal force, but there
might be more of it. As a number of government leaders have acknowledged,
drones have lowered ...

Identifying The Enemy

Author: Emily Crawford
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191667943
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However, independent investigations have placed civilian casualty numbers
much higher than those claimed by the US.51 Indeed, current estimates place the
number of targeted killings conducted by the US, through drones, missiles, or any
... In the Targeted Killings case, Israel justified its policy of targeted killings by
employing the terminology of the law on the use of force: It is no longer
controversial that a state is permitted to respond with military force to a terrorist
attack against it.

National Journal

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Asked whether the agency was making adequate decisions when targeting
people for drone attacks, Radsan responded, "I'm confident that they're trying
their best. I'm not sure that they're succeeding." Every Target Is Different Perhaps
frustradngly for the critics of the drone kills, the program's legality cannot be
determined across die board. The U.S. uses the Predators in so many contexts —
by the military in Afghanistan and Iraq, by the CIA elsewhere — and against such
a variety of ...

Can The Existing Framework Of International Humanitarian Law Adequately Respond To Issues Arising From The So Called Asymmetrical Warfare Between A Sovereign State And A Non State Actor

Author: Otto Möller
Publisher: GRIN Verlag
ISBN: 3668508461
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Introduction: “It would not be right ... that the Aggressor Power should gain one
set of advantages by tearing up all laws, and another set by sheltering behind the
innate respect for law of its opponents. Humanity, rather than ... Afghanistan on
October 23th Al Qaida leader Faruq al Qatani got killed by targeted killing by a
US American drone. Targeted ... He is surrounded by civilians, and he is wearing
civilian clothing himself and is not currently involved in combative activities. A
targeted ...