Engines Of Liberty

Author: David Cole
Publisher: Hachette UK
ISBN: 0465098517
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In Engines of Liberty, the esteemed legal scholar David Cole argues that we all have a part to play in the grand civic dramas of our era--and in a revised introduction and conclusion, he proposes specific tactics for fighting Donald Trump's ...

Author: David Herbert Lawrence
ISBN: 9789747379785
Size: 68.44 MB
Format: PDF
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Rules For Resistance

Author: David Cole
Publisher: The New Press
ISBN: 1620973553
Size: 60.85 MB
Format: PDF, Docs
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In Rules for Resistance, writers from Russia, Turkey, India, Hungary, Chile, China, Canada, Italy, and elsewhere tell Americans what to expect under our own new regime, and give us guidance for living—and for resisting—in the Trump era.

The Supreme Court Justice And The Law

Author: Congressional Quarterly, inc
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... that the new Constitution left citizens to rely on the unfettered discretion of
federal authorities to protect them against repressive prosecutions; the Fifth
Amendment was ratified in 1791 to eliminate that danger.... The hopes of those
who drafted the Fifth Amendment with activist pre-RevoIutionary grand juries in
mind have been largely disappointed. Thomas Jefferson charged that by 1791
the Federalists had already transformed grand juries 'from a legal to a political
engine' by inviting ...

Congressional Record

Author: United States. Congress
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The removal of this controversial program will help ensure our nation's security,
make the administration of our immigration laws more consistent and fair, and
help reduce immigration fraud and opportunism. ... South Carolina, Henry Floyd,
has ruled and dealt, one hopes, a fatal blow to the assertion of an unchecked
presidential power to jail a citizen indeflnitely and with no access to due process
—a judge, lawyer, habeas corpus, charges, a trial, all the basic constitutional

The River Where America Began

Author: Bob Deans
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield Pub Incorporated
Size: 80.90 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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They knew that wedding democratic governance to free enterprise had the
potential to create the most powerful engine in history for converting human
instincts into wealth and might. They warned that human impulse could not be
trusted, that the country's political and economic machinery must be based on the
rule of law, constantly fine-tuned to prevent its power from being harnessed to the
purpose of tyranny. And they left to future generations the constitutional tools to
keep the ...

National Review Bulletin

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They have received numerous calls from emulative citizens and officials in
neighboring towns and from points as far away as Oregon and Indiana. Has the
federal bulldozer begun to ... The manufacturer, in turn, has built his airframes on
schedule but can't get delivery of the jet engines. The engine ... Among the
descendants of Goebbels specifically cited by Dr. Littell were Liberty Lobby,
Americans for Constitutional Action, and the Church League of America. The IAD
vows to battle ...

New Guard

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0 For too long, the state has become increasingly involved in the lives and
property of its citizens, to the aggrandizement of its power and to the denigration
of its citizen's rights. Inevitably, the most basic of rights in a free society—that to
life itself—has come under seige. Liberal state legislatures and activist courts
have decided that the unbom child is entitled to no human dignity, no
Constitutional protection, no right to life. YAF denounces the indiscriminate
practice of abortion, for as the ...

Department Of State Bulletin

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The human rights activists of the eighteenth century would thus have said there
was a right of individuals to develop, but no right to development. For a
government to ... These preconditions are created, in this understanding, by a
political system of choosing the laws and the officials that govern men, and by an
economic system that enables individuals to engage freely in various
approaches to the “pursuit of happiness. ... The engine of economic growth is
personal liberty. Societies ...

The Limbaugh Letter

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The result has been disastrous for the law-abiding in every segment of society. ^
Liberalism has failed to keep faith with the U.S. Constitution, preferring "
emanations" and "penumbras" (that liberals pretend support abortion) to the clear
words in the document — the right to bear arms, for instance — designed to
preserve the liberty of the citizens and limit the power of the government.
Environment • Rachel Carson's 1962 book, Silent Spring, claimed dichloro-
diphenyl-trichloroethane, ...