Author: 關彩華
Publisher: Chinese University Press
ISBN: 9789622019706
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Over 15,000 of the most commonly used words and phrases; a brief introduction to Cantonese pronunciation in accordance with the Yale System of Romanization; a comparative chart of four systems of Romanization; and grammatical notes for ...

English Language Education Policy In Asia

Author: Robert Kirkpatrick
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3319224646
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The Commission stated that Chinese should be the main focus of education at
this level and only those kindergartens it ... expressed concerns over the lack of
qualified English teachers and appropriate teaching material, as well as claiming
that too ... for English words and acronyms to be taken out of the latest edition of
the widely used Modern Chinese dictionary. ... Entrance Examination and senior
high school entrance examinations which would see the marks allocated to
English ...

Chinese English Frequency Dictionary

Author: Yong Ho
Publisher: Hippocrene Books
ISBN: 9780781808422
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A Study Guide to Mandarin Chinese's 500 Most Frequently Used Words Yong Ho
... have passed inspection). form a partnership reasonable, rational (of clothes) fit
suitable contract cooperate, collaborate ... bu neng tongguo kaoshi, haizi meiJa
xiang fumu jiaodai (if the child doesn't pass the exam, he can't face his parents).

Tuttle Compact Chinese Dictionary

Author: LI Dong
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462910807
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Chinese English-English Chinese LI Dong. В Shi V 1 be, ... 3 (used to emphasize
the words following it) l lilîäïlí Eúeänïïtä. ... Ё jiàoshi, Ё Shi TRAD ЁЁ \! suit, fit іЁЁ']
shìdàng ADJ appropriate, suitable l ЁЕР ШЁЁФЁЁЁЁРАЁЁЪИ %ЖЁЁЁ'], ШЁ'ЧЁ
... іЁйЁ/ЁЁ_Т shìshì/shì yíxià have a try ЁЁ shìjuàn N examination paper, test
paper (l5) fèn) ЖЕ“ shìxing v try out ЁЗЁ shiyàn V test, experiment (ЁЁ xiàng, ik ci
) l ...

Tuttle Chinese English Dictionary

Author: Li Dong
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
ISBN: 1462910793
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3 (used to emphasize the words following it)那家饭店的菜是不错。 ... In China it is
not appropriate to give an old person a clock as a gift because “give a clock” (
sòng zhōng) is pronounced the same as “pay last tribute” (sòng zhōng).适合
shìhé ...

Chinese English Dictionary Of The Vernacular Or Spoken Language Of Amoy

Author: Carstairs Douglas
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koAn-tifi“, to be the best essay in the examination; to overcomein a contest, as a
horse in a race, or as a game-cock or quail at a fight, &c. ... the shapes of words.
liim-koat, to repeat such mnemonic sentences. koa-koat,mnemonic rhymes for
any purpose. piekoat, secrets, esp. ... all right and just as we would wish it;
suitable to effect the purpose~ fii-tek-koat, not arranged as it should have been,
as an affair; ...