Ex Isle

Author: Peter Clines
Publisher: Broadway Books
ISBN: 0553418327
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The Ex Isle Of Erin

Author: Fintan O'Toole
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In Black Hole, Green Card, Fintan O'Toole suggested that the Ireland imagined by nationalists had disappeared. Now, in The Ex-Isle of Erin, he explores the new images that are taking its place.

Affecting Irishness

Author: James P. Byrne
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9783039118304
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Change and interaction are precisely where Fintan O'Toole situates Irishness, in
The Ex-Isle of Erin for example. He shows how the British and the Irish1 now lead
similar lives, implying a necessary and new definition of Irishness. He concludes
that 'Britishness and Irishness have become political identities only' emphasising
that globalisation 'is having a profound effect on Irish culture.'2 Yet, even if it
seems true that the difference with Britishness is less and less evident, and that ...

Macom Re

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Savory then elucidates her "Caribbean- centered" use of the term ex/isle: fl]sle is
not only the literal island but original cultural identity and connection [...] Ex/isle is
the condition of separation from that identity, a separation in which, however, a
new identity is reconstituted. [...] [Ex/isle is] a creative if painful space in which
women's writing becomes a means to construct images of progressively
developing subjectivities. (170, 176) In her insistence on the creative potential of
"ex/isle," ...

Island Enclaves

Author: Godfrey Baldacchino
Publisher: McGill-Queen's Press - MQUP
ISBN: 077358658X
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... as C. Bongie (1998) reminds us, exile is ex-isle. However, while exit hatches
remain open, the populations of most subnational island jurisdictions continue to
grow (often in spite of already uncomfortably high population densities) and
mainly because of immigration, not natural increases (McElroy and Sanborn,
2005). Second, the average citizen of these jurisdictions tends to be literate and
mobile, and so quite aware of the relative socio-economic affluence (or lack
thereof) oflarger, ...

Ireland And Irish America

Author: Kerby A. Miller
Publisher: Field Day Publications
ISBN: 0946755396
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2 The critical literature concerning Irish historical revisionism is voluminous.
Perhaps the most balanced survey is Ciaran Brady, ed., Interpreting Irish History:
The Debate on Historical Revisionism (Dublin, 1994), and one ofthe most
important short critiques is Luke Gibbons, 'Challenging the Canon: Revisionism
and Cultural Criticism', in Seamus Deane, ed., The Field Day Anthology ofIrish
Writing, 3 vols. (Derry, 1991), vol. 3, 561–68. 3 Fintan O'Toole, The Ex-Isle
ofIreland (Dublin, ...

Irish Tourism

Author: Prof. Michael Cronin
Publisher: Channel View Publications
ISBN: 1845413539
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In Ex-Isle of Erin: Images of a Global Ireland. Dublin: New Island Books. Peillon,
M. (2000) Carnival Ireland. In E. Slater and M. Peillon (eds) Memories of the
Present: A Sociological Chronicle of Ireland, 1997–1998. Dublin: Institute of
Public Administration. Schieffelin, E. (1998) Problematizing performance. In F.
Hughes-Freeland (ed.) Ritual, Media, Performance. London: Routledge. Sherlock
, J. (1999) Globalisation, western culture and Riverdance. In A. Brah, M. Hickman
and M. Mac ...

Between Human And Divine

Author: Mary Reichardt
Publisher: CUA Press
ISBN: 0813217393
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2 O'Toole is referring mostly to the twentieth century, when a type of fortress
mentality developed wherein the Church and the state attempted to protect the
newly formed state from what were considered corrupting outside influences.
This was in marked contrast to the situation. 1. Richard English, Irish Freedom:
The History ofNationalism in Ireland (London: Macmillan, 2006), 495.2. Fintan O'
Toole, The Ex-Isle ofErin (Dublin: New Island, 1997), 15. 3. Brian Fallon, An Age
ofInnocence: ...

Perry S Arcana

Author: Richard E. Petit
Publisher: Temple University Press
ISBN: 1439901961
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... Drill attain Ihr exact sla.it In which they will be proper food Tor their young when
they wake into life, ethers bury ill cm in tic bodies of insecte, or ГШ upon
astonishing сои I r ¡varices to convey their offspring into the dead bodies of other
animals. Sonic iiiscfts drop (heir eggs inlu llicwaltrr, ач if lliey furemw rbat euch an
clement iras ne£c&&ary to their progeny in the first if ale of ex isle лес, although
they themselves would scion (я1 destroyed by it: in short tlicir different modes of
d&pürfBg ...

Fragmenta Antiquitatis

Author: Thomas Blount
Publisher: London, Printed by S. Brooke for Messrs. Butterworth and son
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The family of Floyers were antiently seated at Floyers-hays, in the parish of St.
Thomas the Apostle, near Exeter, which they held by this antient tenure, that if the
Courtneys, Earls of Devon, came at any time into Ex Isle, they were to attend
them decently apparelled, with a clean towel on their shoulders, a flaggon of
wine in one hand, and a silver bowl in the other, and offer to serve them with
drink. This tenure was confirmed with a grant of the land to Richard, son of
Nicholas, grandson ...