Fascism And Criminal Law

Author: Stephen Skinner
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1782255478
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This collection brings together a range of original essays by international experts in the field to explore questions of criminal law under Italian Fascism and other similar regimes, including Franco's Spain, Vargas's Brazil and interwar ...

Criminal Law In Liberal And Fascist Italy

Author: Paul Garfinkel
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107108918
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The function of penal law in Fascist Italy and in Nazi Germany.” JMIS 15:3 (2010):
390–409. Knepper, Paul and P. J. Ystehede, eds. The Cesare Lombroso
Handbook. London: Routledge, 2013. Lacchè, Luigi, ed. Il diritto del Duce:
Giustizia e repressione nell'Italia fascista. Rome: Donzelli, 2015. . “The Shadow
of the Law: the Special Tribunal for the Defence of the State between Justice and
Politics in the Italian Fascist Period.” In Fascism and Criminal Law: History,
Theory, Continuity, ...

World Fascism

Author: Cyprian Blamires
Publisher: Abc-Clio Inc
ISBN: 9781576079409
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That opened up a wide debate on the criminal responsibility of those enforcing
their laws, which in its turn raised deeper questions about the legality of German
Nazi and Italian Fascist law, and consequently, about the very concept and
conception ... Not only was there a remarkable continuity of personnel in the
composition of the judiciary, the legal profession, and academia in postwar Italy
and Germany, but there were remarkable (even if generally unnoticed) positive
and theoretical ...

Sociological Abstracts

Author: Leo P. Chall
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Critical Cultural Theory; SA08636 Women and Democratization: Lessons from
Latin America; SA08783 Latin American Cultural Groups Altering Masculinities:
The Spanish Conquest and the Evolution of the Latin American Machismo; ...
Policy Too; SA06820 Pain, Powerlessness, and the Promises of Interdisciplinary
Legal Scholarship: An Idiosyncratic, Autobiographical Account of Conflict and
Continuity; SA07846 'Payback', Customary Law and Criminal Law in Colonised
Australia; ...

International Law And Justice

Author: John R. Rowan
ISBN: 9781889680514
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My other two questions both concern the way that May discounts the importance
of historical context and historical memory in his effort to provide a theoretical
structure for defining and responding to international crimes. As May points out in
his consideration of the existing definitions of international crime, international
concern for human rights developed in response to the excesses of the fascists in
Italy and the Nazis in Germany, and it did so in shocked response to the
horrifying ...

Vertreibung Der Vernunft

Author: Friedrich Stadler
Publisher: Springer Verlag
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Continuity with the training in Austria can only be observed in a few of these
scientists, e.g., Eben- stein and Hula, who both dealt with Hans Kelsen's pure
legal doctrines in the United States. ... For this reason he also could not imagine
the restoration of the "Spanish-Republican" govemment (1962). ln his work on
Kelsen's "pure legal theory", Voegelin formulated his "theory of natural law" which
was based on the insight that "natural law occurs in man just as the ought occurs
in man.

Which Degree

Author: Bill Leask
ISBN: 9780862633004
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At least 2 options from: pre industrial history in the landscape; Tawney's century
cis?0- 1640; childhood & youth in modern history; the causes of the French
Revolution; from democracy to dictatorship: the German experience c19001945;
Latin Fascism in Interwar Europe; continuity & change in Japan 1868-1968. Plus
additional options. History of art Yr 1 introduction to art history; concepts a issues
in art since 1940; a preferably Inc the visual analysis of style. Yrs 2 & 3 issues in
art & art ...

The Politics Of Recognizing Difference

Author: R. D. Grillo
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing
ISBN: 9780754618911
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late Fascist period. It will articulate those issues which, rather than being an
invention of the Fascist period, point to continuity: they represent a reformulation
of policies and discourses established during the previous Liberal period. In the
first part I will also show how, in the years preceding the ... It is against this
historical background that I will seek to highlight the specific nature of the racist
laws of the late Fascist period. I will analyse the new laws promulgated in the late
1930s, and ...


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The reconstruction of gender ensuing from it made abortion a capital crime while
women's suffrage failed. This book is a model of gender history in which women's
voices are heard and both gender theory and women's history are used to
illuminate historical processes in the most important areas of national politics as
well as the deepest reaches of ordinary life. Littleton-Griswold Prize G. Edward
White (Univ. of Virginia) (or Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes: Law and the Inner
Self ...