Feminism Is Queer

Author: Mimi Marinucci
Publisher: Zed Books Ltd.
ISBN: 1783606789
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Feminism is Queer remains the indispensable guide for anyone with an interest in gender, sexuality, and the connections between feminism and queer issues.

Feminist And Queer Legal Theory

Author: Martha Albertson Fineman
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317135733
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Indeed, we, the legal feminists, regard ourselves as concerned with issues that
are central to a broader intellectual and political feminist movement: sex-based
equality in the workplace, reproductive rights, domestic violence, the needs of
working mothers, sexual harassment, and rape, to name only a few such issues,
figure centrally in feminist theory—legal and otherwise. yet, there appears to be
an increasing disconnect between legal feminism and other feminist disciplines
when it ...

Comparative Discrimination Law

Author: Laura Carlson
Publisher: BRILL
ISBN: 9004345450
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Lesbian Gay Bisexual & Legal Issues 279–310 (1999–2000). See also Francisco
Valdes, Queers, Sissies, Dykes, and Tomboys: Deconstructing the Conflation of
Sex,” “Gender,” and “Sexual Orientation”, 83(1) Euro-Am. Law and Society 1–377
(1995). As to the possible tensions between Feminism and Queer legal theory,
see Martha Albertson Fineman, Jack E. Jackson, Adam P. Romero (eds.),
Feminist and Queer Legal Theory. Intimate Encounters, Uncomfortable
Conversations ...

Queer In Europe

Author: Robert Gillett
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317072723
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of sexuality. • What is the relationship between queer and capitalism? If as
Jameson (1991) asserts, postmodernism is the logic of late capitalism, and if, as
seems plausible, queer is the postmodern manifestation of the LGBT, then it
follows that queer is intimately bound up with late capitalism. Terms such ...
AngloAmerican queer theory also owes a debt to feminism, in particular via
Judith Butler's reading of deconstructive and Foucauldian philosophy through
and with feminist theory.

Intersections Between Feminist And Queer Theory

Author: D. Richardson
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230625266
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to a struggle to pluralize the forms of intimate agency the state will protect. As
E. J. Graff notes, 'same-sex ... Finally, centring same-sex marriage struggles on
the 'pure relationship' would frame it as a struggle for expanded reflexivity in the
intimate realm. The lesbian and gay struggle ... In her book, Feminism, the Family
, and the Politics of the Closet, Cheshire Calhoun argues that contemporary
feminist theory too often collapses heterosexism into sexism. The privileges that
accrue to ...

Queer Feminist Science Studies

Author: Cyd Cipolla
Publisher: University of Washington Press
ISBN: 0295742593
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Our intervention here is at least dual—we want to further open up what counts as
both science and science studies and to insist on the importance of (traditional
and nontraditional) science and science studies to queer feminisms. In addition
to arguing for a “queering” of science, science studies, and feminist science
studies, we argue that queer feminist approaches to reading science offer
profoundly innovative and different answers to some of academic feminism's
most formative, ...

The Handbook Of Language Gender And Sexuality

Author: Susan Ehrlich
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1119384206
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Within feminist linguistics, a queer perspective has also been engaged by a
number of researchers, beginning with the foundation of queer linguistics (Livia
and Hall 1997) and continuing with the work of a new generation of scholars (e.g.
, Milani, Chapter 13 in this volume; Zimman, Davis, ... And in the past 20 years
there has been a noticeable trend toward embracing theory more explicitly than
in previous decades– particularly the version of feminist theory articulated by
Butler (1990).

Queer Studies

Author: Brett Beemyn
Publisher: NYU Press
ISBN: 0814712576
Size: 73.40 MB
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Passionate Politics: Feminist Theory in Action, Essays, 1968–1986. New York: St.
Martin's Press. ... Revised and Expanded Edition. New York: Penguin Books.
Duggan, Lisa. 1992. Making It Perfectly Queer. Socialist Review 22 (January–
March): 11–31. Echols, Alice. 1989. Daring to Be Bad Radical Feminism in
America, 1967–1975. Minneapolis: ... The Politics of Women's Liberation: A Case
Study of an Emerging Social Movement and Its Relation to the Policy Process.
New York: ...

Lavender And Red

Author: Emily K. Hobson
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520965701
Size: 24.83 MB
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ical Action Group and the Black Panther Party approached race and sexuality in
more radical terms than the minoritarian interest-group framing that came to
dominate liberal gay involvement in electoral politics. 128. ... Gender Violence,
Racial Criminalization, and Anticarceral Feminism,” WSQ: Women's Studies
Quarterly 43:3–4 (fall–winter 2015), 52–71; Tamara Lee Spira, “Intimate
Internationalisms: 1970s 'Third World' Queer Feminist Solidarity with Chile,”
Feminist Theory 15:2 ...