Food Processing By Rural Families

Author: Asian and Pacific Council. Food & Fertilizer Technology Center
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proceedings of the Seminar on Food Processing by Rural Families, 20-22 May
1985, PCARRD, Los Baños, Laguna, Philippines Asian and Pacific Council.
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center, Philippine Council for Agriculture and
Resources Research and Development, University of the Philippines at Los
Baños. Institute of Food Science and Technology. incentive to process them.
Similarly, high volume but low value products hardly justify investment for further
processing, other ...

China In The Global Economy The Agro Food Processing Sector In China Developments And Policy Challenges

Author: OECD
Publisher: OECD Publishing
ISBN: 9164180298
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process should be market-oriented and based upon the incentives of the farmers
with the processing and marketing enterprises as the major participants. China's
concept of agricultural integration is basically the same. China's experiences
during recent years have proved that the acceleration of agricultural integration is
conducive to the solution of the conflicts between the fluctuating marketing
situation and the separate, individual production conducted by rural families. An
integrated ...

Challenges For Rural America In The Twenty First Century

Author: David L. Brown
Publisher: Penn State Press
ISBN: 0271073462
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Those rural families who can least afford it are drawn more into the cash
economy; dependent on supermarkets, convenience stores, and stores such as
Wal-Mart for the goods their immediate ancestors produced for themselves. As
dependence on markets for basic necessities grows, skills for self-provisioning a
family by gardening or food processing are rapidly lost. While some rural families
continue self-provisioning practices, many others today may not know how to
garden, cook ...

History Of Soybeans And Soyfoods In Southeast Asia 13th Century To 2010

Author: William Shurtleff, Akiko Aoyagi
Publisher: Soyinfo Center
ISBN: 1928914306
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Food Processing by Rural Families: Proceedings of the Seminar on Food
Processing by Rural Families, 20-22 May 1985, PCARRD, Los Banos, Laguna,
Philippines. Laguna: Philippine Agriculture and Resources Research Foundation
, Inc. vi + 242 p. See p. 187-204. [24 ref]* • Summary: The co-publisher was the
Food & Fertilizer Technology Center for the Asian & Pacific Region, China. 2271.
Pengembangan produksi kedelai [The development of soybean production].
1986. Jakarta: ...

Indigenous African Knowledge Production

Author: Njoki Nathani Wane
Publisher: University of Toronto Press
ISBN: 1442648147
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Using personal narratives collected during several years of field research in Kenya, Wane demonstrates how Embu women use proverbs, fables, and folktales to preserve and communicate their world-view, knowledge, and cultural norms.

Training Programme In Micro Enterprises For Women Entrepreneurs In Marketing And Industrial Processing Of Foods

Publisher: IICA
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Although the participation of women in industry has been increasing, the vast
majority of women are still found in a narrow range of light industries, including
electronics, food processing and textiles. Women ... Since close linkages and
integration often exist in rural environments between agriculture and industry,
women are frequently responsible both for direct agricultural tasks and for
earning an income for their family through agro-related processing (
manufacturing) activities. Rural ...

Small Scale Palm Oil Processing In Africa

Author: Kwasi Poku
Publisher: Food & Agriculture Org.
ISBN: 9789251048597
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... 1981 (E F) Energy cropping versus food production, 1981 (E F S) Agricultural
residues: bibliography 1975-81 and quantitative survey, 1982 (E/F/S) Plastic
greenhouses for warm climates, 1982 (E) China: grain storage structures, 1982 (
E) China: post-harvest grain technology, 1982 (E) The private marketing
entrepreneur and rural development, 1982 (EFS) Aeration of grain in subtropical
climates, 1982 (E) Processing and storage of foodgrains by rural families, 1983 (
EFS) Biomass ...