Essential German Vocabulary Teach Yourself

Author: Lisa Kahlen
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Fräulein is an oldfashioned word and is hardly used any more. Most women
prefer to be called Frau instead of Fräulein regardless of their marital status.
Fräulein is only used to indicate marital status. Addressing somebody with their
title is important in Germany. If someone has a doctorial title (medical or
academic) it is usual to address them as Herr Doktor/Frau Doktor with or without
the surname: Guten Tag, Herr Doktor; Guten Tag, Herr Doktor Meier; Guten Tag,
Frau Doktor Meier.

Mastering German Vocabulary

Author: Bruce Donaldson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1134507828
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Farrell, R. A Dictionary of German Synonyms, CUP, Cambridge, 1953. Parkes, G.
and A.Cornell NTC's Dictionary of German False Cognates, NTC Publishing
Group, Lincoln, 1996. Schmitz, W. Übungen zu synonymen Verben, Hueber,
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Hueber, Munich, 1984 (7th ed.). Turneaure, B.M. Der treffende Ausdruck, Norton,
New York/London, 1996 (2nd ed.). *The German words on the left are dealt with
under ...

Creating Robust Vocabulary

Author: Isabel L. Beck
Publisher: Guilford Press
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I was not, however, able to manage academic, literate German as indicated by
my inability to converse with Maria and Elice about current events or teaching as I
would have with a fellow American teacher. Everyday words I Words in academic
knew in German Words in newspapers reading material confused feud
parenthetically slowly intensified elaboration parking administration clarification
corner officials enhancement behind voluntarily encounter different require
tolerate other ...

Bringing Words To Life

Author: Isabel L. Beck
Publisher: Guilford Press
ISBN: 1462508243
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density of high-content words, and the words are less concrete and longer. I had
become quite familiar with everyday German vocabulary, but not with academic,
literate vocabulary. The latter is not com- mon to oral conversation; rather, these
are the words that are found in written language. To provide an example of the
distinction between everyday vocabulary and literate vocabulary, I developed the
table below showing the kind of German words that I had learned from
conversation ...

German Vocabulary For English Speakers 5000 Words

Author: Andrey Taranov
Publisher: BoD - Books on Demand
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... ['Iy:lerin] ШЛШЫ [[u:l'ms:then] ['le:ren] ['lsrnen] ['ausvandih '|ernen] ['lsrnen] [in
da 'jule zain] [di '[U:le bs'zu:han] [alfa'be:t] [fah] ['klase] ['jtunde] ['pauze] ['Iu:lgloke]
['Iu:lbar]k] ['ta:f|] ['no:ta] ['gu:te 'no:te] ['Ilehte 'no:te] ['ains 'no:ts 'ge:bn] ['fs: le] ['fe:le '
mahn] [kori'gi:ren] [jpik'isstl] ['haus 'aufga:be] ['ju :bun] ['anwe:zent Zain] ['fe:len] [fsr
'zoi man] 95. College. U niversity lecture course mate scholarship academic
degree. 101 Т&Р Books. German vocabulary for English speakers - 5000 words ...

German Vocabulary For English Speakers 7000 Words

Author: Andrey Taranov
Publisher: BoD - Books on Demand
ISBN: 1780713142
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... ['Ie:ren] ['Icrnen] ['ausvendih 'Iernenj ['Icrnen] [in de 'ju:le zarn] [di 'ju:le bs'zu:hen
] [alfa'be:t] [fah] ['klase] ['jtunde] ['pauze] ['ju:lglßrke] ['ju:lbar]k] ['ta:fl] ['no:te] ['gu:te '
ne:te] ['jlehte 'ne:te] ['arns 'ne:ts 'ge:bn] ['fs:le] ['fe:le 'mahnj [kori'gi:ren] [jpik'fsctl] [
haus 'aufga:be] ['ju:bur]] ['anwe:zent zarn] ['fe:len] [fcr'zormen] 118. College.
University lecture course mate scholarship academic degree Lektion. 120 T&P
Books. German vocabulary for English speakers - 7000 words Education School.

Practice Makes Perfect German Vocabulary

Author: Ed Swick
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
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Practice Makes Perfect: German Vocabulary offers you: More than 100 exercises Concise grammatical explanations A new chapter on contemporary vocabulary An answer key to gauge your comprehension With help from this book, you can easily speak ...

Easy Ways To Enlarge Your German Vocabulary

Author: Karl A. Schmidt
Publisher: Courier Corporation
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DIVModern techniques for building vocabulary efficiently that build upon close relationship of German to English, as well as upon the easy and rational processes that are used in German for word formation. /div

Teach Yourself German Vocabulary

Author: Lisa Kahlen
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 9780071421560
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This series also features numerous memorizing techniques to ensure that new vocabulary sticks in the learner's mind.