Godforsaken Idaho

Author: Shawn Vestal
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
ISBN: 0544027760
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Nine stories illuminate what it means to be Mormon and how faith serves to humanize, in a work that includes a seriocomic portrait of a young Joseph Smith.


Author: Shawn Vestal
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 1101979917
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From the winner of 2014’s PEN Robert W. Bingham Prize, an unforgettable debut novel about Loretta, a teenager married off as a “sister wife,” who makes a break for freedom At the heart of this exciting debut novel, set in Arizona and ...


Author: Shawn Vestal
Publisher: Kein & Aber AG
ISBN: 3036993355
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Um Loretta nahe zu sein, lässt sich ihr Freund auf dem Hof ihres neuen Ehemanns anstellen.

Idaho Yesterdays

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So you see I am becoming in — ed to the hardships of a mountaineers life. I have
no desire to remain longer in this God forsaken country than this summer. June
Uh 1862 Justices Court is in session to day. And a question of great importance
is now before the Court. It is in regard to the validity of recorders Berry56 "The
court to which Berry refers was presided over by an official justice of Ihc peace.
Turnover in that office in Idaho County was extraordinarily high at the time: sis
men ...

The Idaho Librarian

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Harriman hired Steve Hannagan to promote the ski resort but all the renowned
publicity man could see was a "God -forsaken field of snow." Then the sun
appeared and even though the temperature rose to over 70 degrees the snow
didn't melt. Hannagan talked Harriman into naming the place Sun Valley and the
publicity campaign was on. Union Pacific had an advantage in being able to use
their architects and engineers to construct the resort. Their engineers designed
the world's ...

An Illustrated History Of The State Of Idaho

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With irrigation scientifically applied, Owyhee farmers have succeeded in
transforming what was termed in immigration days the "God-forsaken country" to
an earthly paradise. Wheat is always a sure crop, and great success has been
met with with barley and oats. Hay of all descriptions, mostly alfalfa, is produced
in large quantities; and potatoes, cabbages and all the smaller garden
vegetables grown in great profusion. Fruits, vines and shrubs, wherever planted,
have turned out thrifty ...

A Historical Descriptive And Commercial Directory Of Owyhee County Idaho

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... Golden Cord, Standard, Philox, Webfoot, Wils0n, Idaho, Gentle Emma,
Stoddard, Ohio, Henrietta, Tremont, Crown Point, Redemption, Booneville,
Empire State, Florida Hill, Seventy-Nine, Paymaster, Cumberland, Black Jack,
Leviathan, Sierra Nevada, Yreka, Owyhee Treasury, Avenue, Rose, Hudsori, ...
With irrigation scientifically applied, Owyhee farmers have succeeded in
transforming what was termed in immigration days the “God-forsaken country” to
an earthly paradise.

Idaho Gem Of The Mountains

Author: Merle W. Wells
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Schaffgotsch visited eastern Idaho, crossing over the Tetons into Wyoming's
Jackson Hole. He thought Jackson was a fine site but could not get assurance
that ... The narrow valley extended before them, surrounded by natural ski slopes,
the white-capped peaks of Idaho's Sawtooth Mountains rearing above. A local
youth, equipped with twelve-foot skis, and carrying a long ... All he saw was "a
godforsaken field of snow." During his full-scale tour of the area, his shoes filled
with snow ...

The American People Volume 1

Author: Larry Kramer
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux
ISBN: 0374712972
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More people live around here in this godforsaken wildnerness than you think. We
all work at the Greeting factory, except now they've stopped production. There's to
be a big rally of protest tonight.” “Where are we?” I ask this person overflowing
with such information. “Idaho.” “Idaho?” “Have you never heard of it? We are in
the northern narrow part near to Canada, and near a town named Coeur d'Alene
that's very beautiful in the summer, short though that is. It is called Partekla.

Sleepers 1

Author: Jacqueline Druga
Publisher: Permuted Press
ISBN: 1618682156
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“About fifty miles inside Idaho, off of Highway 26.” “Are you mobile?” the man
asked. “We are.” “Are you able to refuel if needed?” “Yes, sir,” Alex said. “We're
gonna see if you can make it to us. If not, we need to get you in chopper range.
We are on fuel conservation. Need you to head ... Maybe they felt because we
were such a small group that we could trek across the godforsaken land easier
than five hundred people. Beck deduced that if we were headed to Colorado
Springs Contact.