Really Good Packaging Explained

Author: Rob Wallace
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One more thing: Designers should not let more violator labels—FSC (Forest
Stewardship Council) or otherwise—infringe on the face of good design. Once
these labels get into packaging design, it will be hard to get them off. Designs that
are environmental friendly should live it, not wear it. Devaluing their craft by
participating in spec work. Other than doing pro bono work, which in packaging
design is a rare opportunity, doing spec work (free design work) cheapens our

Smart Packaging Technologies For Fast Moving Consumer Goods

Author: Joseph Kerry
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Since temperature is the main determining post-processing parameter for shelf-
life under Good Manufacturing Practices, following and managing it to the point of
final use of the product is of central importance. This task is very challenging,
especially if one considers the potential variation in temperature exposure of
single products within batches or transportation subunits. A cost-efficient way
would be required to monitor the temperature conditions of the products,
individually, and to ...

Trends In Packaging Of Food Beverages And Other Fast Moving Consumer Goods Fmcg

Author: Neil Farmer
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As with PVC, PVdC also has a disadvantage of high density and has come under
attack for environmental issues, so that other barrier polymers have tended to
supplant it in packaging. The major packaging applications of PVdC are as
barrier layers in food, pharmaceutical and cosmetics packaging; ... PA-MXD6,
which is a copolymer of m-xylylene diamine with adipic acid manufactured by
Mitsubishi Gas Chemical. It is semi-crystalline and has good transparency and
high gas barrier ...

Modified Atmosphere Packaging For Fresh Cut Fruits And Vegetables

Author: Aaron L. Brody
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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In fresh produce packaging, there seems to be a need always to compromise
among three key areas: production, marketing, and food science. Production is
concerned with how well the packaging materials are handled on the packaging
machines, so they may achieve the best productivity rates. The key properties for
the packaging materials to perform well on a machine and during the operation
include good stiffness and relative ease in heat sealing. Marketing wants to know
how ...

Marketing In The Time Of Cholera 6 5 Fundamentals For Thriving In A Toxic Economy

Publisher: Marketing in Time of Cholera
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The design of the packaging will make the message easy to grasp quickly and
simple to understand. Engaging Packaging Second, good packaging must be
engaging. The packaging should ensure it gets noticed and then captures the
attention of the intended audience. This can be done in a variety of ways. An
organization can make the packaging comical or dramatic; they can leverage
well-known logos (brands) of their own customers; they can highlight elements in
the message ...

Packaging Good

Author: Sally Mundell
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Complete with a step-by-step guide to create your own nonprofit and a list of easy ways to start giving back today, this book provides practical advice for achieving fulfillment and healing through giving in today’s busy, success-driven ...

Packaging Of Pharmaceuticals And Healthcare Products

Author: H. Lockhart
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General manufacturing considerations Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP),
Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and Good Clinical Practice (GCP) are becoming
increasingly important for packs, packaging materials and the processes by
which they are made, stored and progressed through production. Inspection of
suppliers' premises and their production conditions to minimise particulate
contamination, and to validate packaging components, all are part of future
trends in licensing.

Wafer Level Chip Scale Packaging

Author: Shichun Qu
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1493915568
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The availability of package size range and favorable cost structure makes
WLCSP a good packaging candidate for a wide array of semiconductor devices,
from analog/mixed signal and wireless connectivity chips to optoelectronics,
power electronics, and logic and memory chips. Innovations in waferlevel 3D
chip stacking further enable WLCSP a viable option for MEMS and sensor chip
packaging. The beauty of WLCSP is the start-to-finish wafer-based processing. It
blurs the line ...

Global Logistics Management

Author: Craig Voortman
Publisher: Juta and Company Ltd
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Packaging is also a means of achieving the safe delivery of the item to the final
consumer at a minimum cost. Without adequate packaging, hazardous materials
would be very hazardous and kill people. Packaging protects products,
especially those eaten or drunk in the home. Packaging is a technologically
economic and efficient method of maximising sales and profits, while optimising
the costs of delivering the goods to the consumer. In other words, while one may
have many ...