The Independent

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THE gap between the thought of my mother's generation and the thought of my
generation is made apparent, even obvious, ... advice and the sympathetic aid
that only a knowledge of the world's discipline and a mature experience of life
can give. ... even take it when it is offered — □ from parents who do not
understand their point of view or who are intolerant of it. ... work all day than play
bridge whist all day and that if a married woman could find time for the one why
not for the other?

The Surgeon S Surprise Twins

Author: Jacqueline Diamond
Publisher: Harlequin Enterpises AU
ISBN: 146084596X
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Even though she's always wanted her own family, Bailey Wayne is happy to be a surrogate mom.

The American Review Of Reviews

Author: Albert Shaw
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Beit Magazine for Boy in Alt the World" Give yourself an idea of the sparkling
features that will make The American Boy ... No greater exponent of the joyous
outdoors exists than Enos A. Mills, naturalist and lecturer. ... [If you want a
Christmas Gift Card sent tol the boy put an (X) In this square O-l Herewith find fS.
00, for which send THE ... a name, place or data, moat yoa grope in vain in a
roixed-up. unclassified pile of miscellaneous knowledge. ... A Happy Married Life
How bee u red.

The New Testament Of Our Lord And Saviour Jesus Christ

Author: Adam Clarke
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For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth ; and to him that
knocketh it shall be opened. ... 13 If ye then, being evil, know how to give good
gifts unto your children : how much more soil your heavenly Father ... with this
generation, and shall condemn it : for * they repented at o preaching of Jonas;
and, behold, a greater than Jonas is ere. ... But is there any similitude between a
scorpion and an egg, that the one might be given and taken in the place of the
other ?

An Exposition Of All The Books Of The Old And New Testaments

Author: Matthew Henry
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I bless God that I ever had such a father, whose temper was iovery happy, and
his gifts and graces so very bright ; one that ... O that the remembrance of him
may have a greater influence upon me than the personal converse had ! u 3.
Death comes nearer and nearer to me, f Lord, make^ne to knew mine end, and
teach me to number my days. .... The honour he had for so good a mother, I
cannot give you a better account of than in his own words, in the last edition of his
father's life.

15 Things You Should Give Up To Be Happy

Author: Luminita D. Saviuc
Publisher: Penguin
ISBN: 0698182731
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Based on that inspiring post, this heartfelt book gives readers permission to give up--that is, to let go of the bad habits that are holding them back from achieving authentic happiness and living their best lives.

St Nicholas

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The king of the island was the father, and the queen the mother, of the little
princess about whom this story is told. For many generations there had been but
one child born to the royal family ; but goodness and beauty being hereditary,
these ... well next day ; but then, what a fine moral effect ! and what a pleasant
sight it was to see them all thoroughly happy for at least one day in every year ! ...
I have offered you no birthday gift as yet; but it is in my power to give you anything
you wish.

Restaurant Business

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12 Steak lovers reach for A.1 They don't give it a ... No wonder farm owners are
opting to cash in on land rather than beans. ... In other parts of the world, coffee
farmers are tuming land over to more lucrative cropscoca plants in Colombia, for
instance. ... Smart operators are also moving beyond the paper coupon book to
new-generation gift cards, which can be an effective way of building traffic ... “We
did a big push around Mother's Day, and one of our stores sold $8,000 of the

The Evangelical Herald

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She is the happy mother of three children, born since her return to this country,
and she has always been able to ... her husband could not give up the idea of
returning to India, and when a year ago Pastor McQueen was unable to secure ...
If this operation was passed without serious consequences it would be another
proof that Mrs. Davis might well return to India. ... In Ohio one Sunday school
devoted its Rally Day offering for the automobile fund and sent in the generous
sum of $83.