History And The Testimony Of Language

Author: Christopher Ehret
Publisher: Univ of California Press
ISBN: 0520262042
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This book is about history and the practical power of language to reveal historical change. Christopher Ehret offers a methodological guide to applying language evidence in historical studies.

A History Of African Motherhood

Author: Rhiannon Stephens
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107244994
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2 (1955): 121–37.For recent expositions ofthe method, see,among others, Ehret,
Historyand the Testimony of Language,105–32; FieldsBlack,Deep Roots, 18–22;
Klieman, “The Pygmies Were Our Compass”, xxvii–xxix. 36 Ehret, “Language
Change and the Material Correlates of Languageand Ethnic Shift,” 566. 37 Ehret,
History and the Testimonyof Language, 127, table9. 38 Schoenbrun, AGreen
Place, A Good Place, 46–8; Kathryn M. de Luna, “CollectingFood, Cultivating
Persons: ...

History Narrative And Testimony In Amitav Ghosh S Fiction

Author: Chitra Sankaran
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 1438441827
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Language. and. Ethics. in. The. Hungry. Tide. by. Amitav. Ghosh. TUOMAS
HUTTUNEN AS IS USUAL IN narratives by Amitav Ghosh, the three main
characters of The Hungry Tide, his sixth novel, stem from varying social and
linguistic backgrounds. Piya is an Indian expatriate cetologist brought up in
America with practically no knowledge of Bangla or any other language spoken
in India. Kanai is an upper-middle-class translator who runs his own business in
Kolkata and is fluent in ...

Language Authority And Indigenous History In The Comentarios Reales De Los Incas

Author: Margarita Zamora
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521350877
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Thus, during the chivalrous Middle Ages historical discourse was shaped by the
desire to record and preserve the fame of great men and heroic deeds. Historical
truth consisted in the representation of the exemplary. Renaissance
historiography, inspired by the master historians of the classical age Herodotus
and Pliny, Thucydides and Polybius, incorporated the testimony of the
eyewitness into its representation of historical reality. This concept of historical
truth acquired particular ...

The Global Prehistory Of Human Migration

Author: Immanuel Ness
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118970586
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The speakers of the early Khoesan languages can be proposed to have spread
this tradition over large areas of eastern Africa, and later into southern Africa,
because they were the ones, after the onset of the LGM, who developed the most
effective ways to exploit the foraging resources of the drier environments of those
regions. Migration did not recede as a factor in African history during the past
three thousand years. The literature of African history since 1000 bce abounds
with ...

A Critical History Of The Language And Literature Of Antient Sic Greece

Author: William Mure
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Mr. Grote nowhere very specifically defines what he understands by authentic
historical testimony. I presume that he has thought it unnecessary to do so, as
acquiescing in the common doctrine which restricts historical narrative, as distinct
from popular legend, to what is attested to a greater or less extent by the
evidence of written transmission. Such evidence admits, I apprehend, of being
classed under the three following heads, or degrees of authenticity. First, the
evidence of ...

The History Of The English Language From The Teutonic Invasion Of Britain To The Close Of The Georgian Era

Author: Henry Elliot Shepherd
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... except a few military terms and local names—stratum, street, (Stratford), cester,
castrum, Lancaster, Gloucester, coln, colonia, Lincoln, pont, pons, Pont-e-fract, (
Pom-fret)— our tongue received no accessions from the Latin during the long
period of Roman dominion. But with all possible deference to the judgments of
the accomplished scholars who adopt this view, it seems unsupported by
trustworthy historical testimony, and directly at variance with the evidence of the
language itself ...

Teaching And Testimony

Author: Allen Carey-Webb
Publisher: SUNY Press
ISBN: 9780791430149
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Fiction — Subjective construct obtained by means of the imagination, which,
however, represents experiencial, emotional, or intellectual truths translated into
language. Although fiction is commonly considered to be separate from history,
Burgos and Menchu's book challenges the traditional disciplinary boundaries
between fiction and history by intertwining the historical value of testimony with
various techniques of fiction to the point that they become inseparable. See

The Origin Of Pagan Idolatry Ascertained From Historical Testimony And Circumstantial Evidence

Author: George Stanley Faber
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answered by suffering the primitive language to remain unaltered in one house
and by suddenly producing two other languages hitherto unknown; I think it
highly probable at least, that one of the three tongues was in a great measure the
very tongue spoken by Noah and Adam. Be this however as it may, the language,
which Sir William calls Arabic, was spoken with mere dialectical variations from
the Euphrates to the borders of Egypt: so that it is easy to perceive the reason,
without ...