Between Fear And Freedom

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In other words this section displays the mercy that the Hittite overlord had shown
as the basis for the treaty and its stipulations.96 This mercy of the Hittite king is
the basis for the stipulations of the treaty. Alalakh Pacts In the Northern
Syrian city of Atchana, ancient Alalakh, three second millennium bce texts of
interest for the matter under consider95 The texts are easily accesible for the non
specialist via G. Beckman, Hittite Diplomatic Texts: Second Edition (SBL WAWS,
7), ...

From An Antique Land

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8. Berlin: Walter de Gruyter (in English). . 1999. Hittite Diplomatic Texts. Second
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ed. Benjamin R. Foster. New York: W. W. Norton. . 2001b. "Sargon and Naram-
Sin in Hatti: Reflections of Mesopotamian Antiquity among the Hittites," pp. 85-91
in Die Gegenwart des Altertums: Formen und Funktionen des Altertumsbezugs in
den ...

Religions Of Second Millennium Anatolia

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"Hittite Canonical Compositions, Divine Focus, 2. Prayers: Plague Prayers of
Mursili II," in: CoS 1, 156-160. 1998. "liter of Nineveh Reconsidered," JCS 50, 1-
10. 1999a. "The Tongue is a Bridge: Communication between Humans and Gods
in Hittite Anatolia," ArOr 67, 519-534. 1999b. "The Goddess Pirinkir and Her
Ritual from Hattusa (CTH 644)," Ktema 24, 25-39. 1999c. Hittite Diplomatic Texts.
Second Edition. WAW 7, Atlanta, Georgia. 2001. "The Hittite Gilgamesh," in: B.R.
Foster, ...

Luwian Identities

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“Beiträge zur Rekonstruktion der Textüberlieferung des ḪuwaššannaKultes”,.
Akdoğan, R., 2010. Hethitische Texte in Transkription. Ankara Arkeoloji
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Hethitologie 32, Dresden. Beckman, G., 1999. Hittite Diplomatic Texts. Second
Edition, Writings of the Ancient World 7, Atlanta. Dardano, P., 2007. Die
hethitischen Tontafelkataloge aus Ḫattuša (CTH 276–282), Studien zu den
Boğazköy-Texten 47, Wiesbaden.

Hittite Diplomatic Texts

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This work presents full translations of more than 50 documents from the files of the "foreign office" of the Hittite Empire: 21 treaties, 18 diplomatic letters, and 18 royal edicts and miscellaneous records concerning the relations of the ...

Cuneiform Parallels To The Old Testament Second Edition

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Hittite Birth Rituals. Studien zu den Bogazköy-Texten 29. Wiesbaden:
Harrassowitz, 1983. –––––. Hittite Fragments in American Collections. Texts from
the Babylonian Collection 2. New Haven: Yale Babylonian Collection, 1986. –––
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Orients 3/1. Munich: Beck, 1957. –––––. The Hittite Ritual of Tunnawi. New
Haven: American ...

Place Memory And Healing

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Herding and Herdsmen in Hittite Culture. In Documentum Asiae Minoris Antiquae
: Festrchrift für Heinrich Otten zum 75. Geburtstag, edited by Erich Neu and
Christel Rüster. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz: 33–44. —— 1996. Hittite Diplomatic
Texts, edited by Harry A. Hoffner, Jr. Society of Biblical Literature Writings from
the Ancient World Series. Atlanta, Georgia: Scholars Press. —— 1999. Hittite
diplomatic texts. 2nd edition. Society of Biblical Literature Writings from the
Ancient World ...

The Trojan War

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21 A Hittite king says: Murshilish II (r. ca. 1321–1295 B.C.); see Beal, “Ten Year
Annals,” in Hallo, ed., Context of Scripture, vol. 2, pp. 82–83. 22 example from
Canaan in the 1300s B.C.: Moran, Amarna Letters, EA 250, ll. 15–27, p. 303. 23
king of Troy, Alaksandu: Gary Beckman, “Treaty Between Muwattalli II of Hatti and
Alaksandu of Wilusa,” in Hittite Diplomatic Texts, 2nd edition (Atlanta: Scholars
Press, 1996), 87–93. 24 “soldier servant”: On the expression, see J. D. Hawkins,

Old Testament Today 2nd Edition

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Kim Walton courtesy of the Istanbul Archaeological Museums If you, Prince
Shattiwaza, and you Hurrians observe this treaty and oath, these gods shall
protect you. And the land of Mittanni shall return to its former state. It shall prosper
and expand. And you, Shattiwaza, your sons and your grandsons the Hurrians
shall accept you for kingship for eternity. * Hittite Instructions “The first fruits of
animals which you,. *From Gary Beckman, Hittite Diplomatic Texts (Atlanta: SBL,
1996), 38–44.

Egypt As A Place Of Refuge

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2 Raymond Westbrook, “International Law in the Amarna Age,” in Amarna
Diplomacy: The Beginnings of International Relations (ed. Raymond Cohen and
Raymond Westbrook; Baltimore: Johns Hopkins University Press, 2000) 31. 3
Gary M. Beckman and Harry A. Hoffner, Hittite Diplomatic Texts (2nd ed.; SBL
Writings from the Ancient World 7; Atlanta: Scholars Press, 1999) 66. gees were
often the subject of extradition clauses in these. Ibid. Chapter 2: Refuge in the
Ancient Near ...