Journal Sparks

Author: Emily K. Neuburger
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Sixty inventive writing prompts, guided exercises, and crafty activities designed to jumpstart creative journaling, storytelling, and self-expression are accompanied by inspiring examples from journals of people of all ages and instructions ...

Alternatives Journal

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Stir It Up lo'»';t;r Coiiil-pijj • . CTIVISM is sometimes like a wild fire. In no time flat,
surprise campaigns emerge and catch □, , □! fire. They spread rapidly and
unpredictably, and dramatically alter the landscape. This happened in February
when millions stepped into the streets and postponed a war. Nothing like it had
ever happened before. The planet spun through space, and as the sun rose in
each time zone on February 15, people stepped forward for peace. It was front-
page news ...

The Ladies Home Journal

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EDITED BY ' A\AUDE HAYWOOD *«* Miss Maude Haywood will be glad through
this Department to answer any questions of an Art nature which her readers may
send to her. She cannot ... Address all letters to Miss Maude Haywood, care of
The Ladies' Home Journal, Philadelphia, Pa, - □ i8 THE BEST BOOKS FOR
CHILDREN By Helen. PAINTING ... color with them from a dried-up pan ; keep an
old brush for this purpose; do not, in putting them away, allow the hairs to
become bent.

Ladies Home Journal

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Ask to see the newFin castle Fabrics at your dealers. ... OHI1KR BY M UL PROM
EL PASO, TEXAS combine the spontaneous and the novel designs of these
anonymous artists with a more mature and complex style. ... This was borne out
by the vitality and inventiveness displayed in the modern section of the Tate
exhibition; and the energy being poured into art everywhere in America today
gives one reason to suppose that the next creative surge in painting may come
from this side of ...

Manitoba School Journal

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Creative Writing In The Primary Classroom by Patricia E. Vickery They were
getting restless and noisy, as sixes and sevens do at the end of each day, and
even the story the teacher was reading could not hold their attention. She
glanced at her little desk clock, ... Some lines they talked about, made shorter or
longer; others they changed in place, but the end result was pleasure and a little
excitement to think that they'd made up their own verse. Their next effort took
place during a ...

Arts Canada

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He was alluding, in the former instance, to that spark that fires the artist's creativity
which is so difficult to sustain over a period of time. He suggests a possible
solution to this: "The only way to keep etching as a pure art, to take advantage of
aesthetic quickening is to do the whole operation in your head at one time. ... In
the late thirties and early forties he turned to painting spontaneously remembered
scenes with a strong emphasis on color - he called them "memory pictures."
These oils ...

Every Saturday

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De Lorine had not such profundi.y of imngination and creative genius, yet he still
found laurels in Paris to harvest, and what he left ungithercd were stored up by
Dutfoy, of the Rue de l'Azbre See, who, circa 180.3, immortalized himself by
forming the centre of his dessert of palaces and temples ... In a moment the
Temples of Dutfoy were the centres of a. whirl of colored fires; a thousand gerbes
darted to the ceiling, and shed their scented sparks on the astonished and
delighted guests.

Scientific American

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In fact, there are only two causes which can make it ignite : First, the sheet iron
jacket sometimes gets loosened, and allows sparks from the smoke stack to get
under and set fire to it. Second, if the water in the boiler gets low ... To the Editor
of the Scientific American : In the SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN recently a good deal
has been said about spontaneous combustion, and wood being first charred and
then ignited by close contact with steam pipes. Permit me to state what occurred
in my ...

New York

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Show Biz Attorney— In Manhattan seeks romantic, spontaneous (maybe even a
little adventurous) woman with career who loves Manhattan, beaches, dining out,
picnicking. Next step after success, tennis, skiing and beach home is to fall in
love and live happily ever after. Your best friend and lover waiting is 37, 57", 150,
athletic, trim, energetic, dark hair, sensitive and with a sense of humor. Photo/
phone/letter. NYM B309. Attractive Fairfield Ct. Lady— Wishes to meet a 40-50,
happy, ...