Justice Accused

Author: Robert M. Cover
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300032529
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"Cover's book is splendid in many ways. His legal history and legal philosophy are both first class. . . . This is, for a change, an interdisciplinary work that is a credit to both disciplines.

The Literature Of American Legal History

Author: William E. Nelson, JR.
Publisher: Beard Books
ISBN: 1587982803
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Two forms of unconventionality are illustrated by Robert M. Cover's Justice
Accused: Antislavery and the Judicial Process.64 One form of unconventionality
is Cover's interdisciplinary approach: Cover turns to what he calls "the 'theory' of
cognitive dissonance"65 for an understanding of how judges react to pressures
from formal legal rules that are inconsistent with their moral values. The insights
available to American legal history from disciplines other than law and history are

Judges And Unjust Laws

Author: Douglas E Edlin
Publisher: University of Michigan Press
ISBN: 0472034154
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As I will explain, I assume the formal validity of unjust laws as legal sources and
argue that the purported conflict between principles of justice and principles of
law misapprehends the nature of common law principles and the common law
judicial process. 8. See, e.g., Steven J. Burton, Judging in Good Faith (
Cambridge University Press, 1992), 207. 9. See Robert M. Cover, Justice
Accused: Antislavery and the Judicial Process (Yale University Press, 1975), 197
–225. 10. Id. at 228. 11.

Creon S Ghost Law Justice And The Humanities

Author: Tomain
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0190450452
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, APOLOGY, CRITO, MENO, PHAEDO (G. M. A. Grube trans., 1981). See EDWIN
CONSTITUTIONAL LAW (1955 ed.); see also Eisgruber, supra note 17, (
discussing Justice Joseph Story's natural law basis for his opinion in Prigg v.
Pennsylvania and Dworkin's ...

Natural Law And The Antislavery Constitutional Tradition

Author: Justin Buckley Dyer
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107013631
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Like the reluctant captain who dutifully executed the sailor, Cover writes,
antislavery judges in antebellum America paraded their “helplessness before the
law; lamented harsh results; intimated that in a more perfect world, or at the end
of days, a better law would emerge, but almost uniformly, marched to the music,
steeled themselves, and hung Billy Budd ... Quoted in Robert Cover, Justice
Accused: Antislavery and the Judicial Process (New Haven, CT: Yale University
Press, 1975), 2.

Fundamental Rights And Democratic Governance

Author: Simeon C. R. McIntosh
Publisher: Ian Randle Publishers
ISBN: 9768167432
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See Robert Cover, Justice Accused: Antislavery and the Judicial Process 123- 25
(1975). 97. See Schabas, above n. 25, 158, 159. 98. M.J. Detmold, The Unity of
Law and Morality: A Refutation of Legal Positivism 31 (1984). 99. Dworkin, above
n. 13, 301. 100. Ibid. 101. Ibid. 102. Detmold, above n. 99, 21-22. 103. Robert M.
Cover, 'Violence and the Word,' 95 Yale Law Journal 1601 (1986). Republished
in Narrative, Violence and the Law 203 (Martha Minow, Michael Ryan, and Austin

Justice Curtis In The Civil War Era

Author: Stuart Streichler
Publisher: University of Virginia Press
ISBN: 9780813923420
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... Wiecek, The Sources of Antislavery Constitutionalism in America, 1760-1848 (
Ithaca, N.Y., 1977), 249-75; Eric Foner, Free Soil, Free Labor, Free Men: The
Ideology of the Republican Party before the Civil War (New York, 1995), 73-102.
On antislavery constitutional thought, see Robert M. Cover, "The Supreme Court,
1982 Term — Foreword: Nomos and Narrative," Harvard Law Review 97 (1983):
35-44; Robert M. Cover, Justice Accused: Antislavery and the Judicial Process (
New ...

On Violence

Author: Bruce B. Lawrence
Publisher: Duke University Press
ISBN: 9780822337690
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His early death did not prevent him from founding a tradition of legal scholarship
that does not stop short of seeing how the judicial process itself may pervert
justice. His defining book was Justice Accused: Antislavery and the Judicial
Process (Yale University Press, 1975). It explored how passive acquiescence
afflicted judges as well as politicians and hieratic functionaries. It exposed the
space between law and morality. It explained institutional evil, describing why a
group of judges ...

Heart Versus Head

Author: Peter Karsten
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 0807862355
Size: 19.64 MB
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Judge-Made Law in Nineteenth-Century America Peter Karsten. Accused:
Antislavery and the Judicial Process (New Haven, Conn.: Yale University Press,
1975), 201; Mark Tushnet, The American Law of Slavery, 1810–1860:
Considerations of Humanity and Interest (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton Univrsity
Press, 1981), 37, 63, 67,211; Paul Finkelman, An Imperfect Union: Slavery,
Federalism and Comity (Chapel Hill: University of North Carolina Press, 1981);
William Nelson, “The Impact ...

Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story

Author: R. Kent Newmyer
Publisher: Univ of North Carolina Press
ISBN: 0807864021
Size: 17.92 MB
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Robert M. Cover, Justice Accused: Antislavery and the Judicial Process (New
Haven, Conn., 1975), p. Ioz. 15. 26 Fed. Cas. 846 (No. 15,551). 16. Act of May 15,
1820, chap. 113, secs. 4, 5, 3 U.S. Statutes at Large 6oo. For a discussion see
Hugh G. Soulsby, The Right of Search and the Slave Trade in AngloAmerican
Relations, 1814–1862 (Baltimore, 1933), pp. 847–48. 17. 26 Fed. Cas. 847 (No.
15,551). 18. Webster to Story, 1 December 1821, Story Papers, MHS; Story to
Greenleaf, ...