Cohomology Of Number Fields

Author: Jürgen Neukirch
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The Milnor K -Gr0ups The Hilbert symbol is the main ingredient in the formulation
of the general reciprocity law of n-th power residues (see [160], chap.V, §3). It is
defined for a p-adic local field K p, and is a map (am; >< Kg—wn which is ...

Sm Algyax

Author: John Asher Dunn
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There are two se— ries of voiceless stops: plain (k, k, p, t) and checked or
glottalized (k', 'k, k', 'k, p', 'p, t', 't). ... 'k, 'p, 't). b bee ban b d dee dash d g gee gift
g g back-gee g letter letter name near English phonetic form equivalent symbol k.


Author: Kay Gameiro
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Portal to Symbols and Images Kay Gameiro. 'P i >1 :~'~.» I 'I *3' Kay Gameiro
Front Cover.

Simulating The Evolution Of Language

Author: Angelo Cangelosi
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The real symbolic feature of communication relies on the fact that each symbol is
part of a wider and more complex system. ... Journal of Experimental Psychology:
Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 24: 732-753 Berlin B, Kay P (1969) Basic ...

Cognitive Development In Chimpanzees

Author: Tetsuro Matsuzawa
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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We can also compare two groups of chimpanzees that were reared in the same
environment but differ only in skills of color symbol use. Furthermore, we ... Berlin
B, Kay P (1969) Basic color terms: their universality and evolution. University of ...

Companion Encyclopedia Of Anthropology

Author: Tim Ingold
Publisher: Taylor & Francis
ISBN: 9780415286046
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Berlin, B. and Kay, P. (1969) Basic Color Termi: Thrir Universality and Evolution,
Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of ... in the language-learning child', in
M. L. Foster and S. H. Brandes (eds) Symbol as Senie, New York: Academic

Trends And Applications In Knowledge Discovery And Data Mining

Author: Jiuyong Li
Publisher: Springer
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PL includes the symbol “ ” which represents any sequence of node labels. The
notation PC Q denotes that the language defined by P is a subset of the
language defined by Q. For the path ... if for every ne [Q], given any two nodes ni,
n2e n[Q], if for all i, 1 < is k, there exist zle n|[P] and 22e n2|[P] such that z=y 22,
then n1=no.

Year Book Trotting And Pacing

Author: United States Trotting Association
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... John Hankins Wallace. Lisonjero 2:08% Wild Bell 2:08% Orlnn (Orlcan) 2:09ft
Belle Ashland 2:10 Klalawah, p 2:054 Cavaliero, p., 2:09Vi .... Marjorle Kay, p 2:
04-4 Katchakoo, p 2:08 Estill Eric, by Ericsson. 130. Tom Axworthy 2:07 Belle ...

The Cambridge Handbook Of Psycholinguistics

Author: Michael Spivey
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 0521677920
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Drivonikou, G.V., Kay, P., Regier, T., Ivry, R. B., Gilbert, A. L., Franklin, A., 81
Davies, IRL (2007). ... L. (Eds) Symbol Processors and Connectionist Network
Models in Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Modelling: Steps Toward Principled