Law At Little Big Horn

Author: Charles E. Wright
ISBN: 9780896729124
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This is not just another Custer book. Its contents will surprise even the most accomplished Little Big Horn scholar.

United States Relations With South Africa

Author: Y. G.-M. Lulat
Publisher: Peter Lang
ISBN: 9780820479064
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As a result of these two treaties, a reservation system is created for the Plains
Nations to restrict open access to their traditional homelands in order to make
way for European settlers, thereby setting in motion yet another cycle of warfare
between ... that grants citizenship rights to all formerly enslaved U.S. African
Americans, establishes the concept of equality of protection of all citizenry under
the law, and proscribes the denial of life, liberty, and property without due
process of law.


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NATIONAL AFFAIRS 1 /Z International right of due process had been violated
because he was not allowed to see the FBI reports \vhich had led to his dismissal
, or to cross-examine his accusers. ... George A. Custer sent before dying in his “
Last Stand” against Sitting Bull at the junction of the Big Horn and Little Big Horn
Rivers, Montana, in I876 (“Big village, come quick, bring packs"), and studied
pencil marks on Custer's map of the battle area—a map later recaptured from a
Sioux ...

Live Stock Journal

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Repeatedly, within the last few years, the complaint has reached us from America
that the horn is a great inconvenience when cattle have to be taken long
distances by railway or by sea, and the process of “ dishorning " is sometimes
adopted to prevent the injuries ... Now, to earn whatever gratitude might be due to
the founder of such a breed (time and competence granted), would be a task of
no insuperable difficulty, but the beneficence of the result might be questionable
after all.

The National Live Stock Journal

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tude. and producing such a variety of soil. it may well be inquired whether Short-
horns are adapted and can be raised in all the States or not i Are the)" suited to
our great Western plains 2 Can they be raised in the senthcru cattle State of
Texas? These are important ... Correct knowledge on this subject would greatly
change these views, and introduce Short-horns to a large extent into our Western
dairies, at least where dairying and stockraising might be combined. - man's
control with ...

The American Educator

Author: Daniel Garrison Brinton
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A Library of Universal Knowledge; Comprising a General Encyclopedia of
Literature, History, Art, Science, Invention and Discovery; a Pronouncing
Dictionary of the English Language; a Gazetteer of the World; a Comprehensive
Dictionary of Universal Biography, Etc. with Nearly Four Thoudand ... Tbey lire
upon tree*. breadth, or just large e: placed close together □ough to receive its
fore-feet TM<»tTeiy siow it) their movements, and often re- main motionless upon
a branch for hours.

Illustrated Times

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As to the authorship of “ Adam Bede," it is still asserted that the writer of the letter
was perfectly well-informed ; and Mr. Eliot's denial will, 1 suppose. he ranked
among the "curiosities of literature," side by side with Sir Walter Scott's celebrated
denial ... Ocean, to appear in history as Celts, Greeks, Romans, Teutons,
Slavonians; while the rest passed the [ndian Caucasus, poured through the
defiles of Affghanistun, crossed the plain of the Five Rivera, and descended on
the plains of lriilia.

Round Table

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AH their publications are a proof of this, and none more so than •' The Book of
Day b," which has just been reprinted in two large volumes by Messrs. Lippincott
& Co., of Philadelphia. It is not easy in a notice like this to say what "The Book of
Days" really is, but it may be briefly described as a comprehensive history of all
the days in the year. This history consists of — 1. Matters connected with the
Church Kalendar, including the Popular Festivals, Saints' Days, and other
Holidays, with ...

Harper S Weekly

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This gentlcman, in the course of the last few years, has been so fortunate in
cxploring certain portions of Western China and elsewhere as to find large
numbers of new and remarkable forms of mammals, reptiles, birds, etc. .... killing
the buffaloes ' the plains, except with the object of using the meat as food, or for
the hides; £ unlawful for any £ to kill the bison, or buffalo, upon the public lands
for any other purpose; and for the violation of this law the offender is, upon
conviction by a court ...