Lions Under The Throne

Author: Stephen Sedley
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107122287
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A series of studies of the historical origins and development of modern English public law.

Antiquarian Bookman

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So. Carolina during Reconstruc- Pares. ed. Essays Presented to Sir tton Simms.
Decade of Sectional Controversy Simon. Failure of Prussian Reform Movement
Smith, R.S. Spanish Guild Merchant Spruill. Women's Life & Work in Southern
Colonies Spurlin. Montesquieu in Amer. 176-1801 Stafford. James VI of Scotland
& Throne of Eng. Stephanson. Mediaeval Institutions Ed Lyon Stephenson. Race
Distinctions In Amer. Law Strathmann. Sir Walter Raleigh Stresemann. His
Diaries ...

Lions Under The Throne

Author: Anthony Mockler
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The truth seems to be that James got on very well with Coke when they were tete-
a-tete but could not bear his contradicting him in public, particularly when it was a
question - as it almost invariably was - of the opposing Scots and English ...
especially the ecclesiastical Court of High Commission - his altercations with the
Archbishops were even more ferocious than his confrontations with the King -
against Elles- mere, the greatest enemy of the common law that century, against
the ...

The Law Times

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Lord Mansfield held the opinion of the Attorney-General that the post of Lord
Chief Justice was a post that “ no man would even for a moment hold back from
unless, indeed, he did so under the irresistible pressure of an imperious public
duty. ... Let judges remember,” wrote Bacon in this essay, “ that Solomon's throne
was supported by lions on both sides; let them be lions, but yet lions under the
throne, being circumspect that they do not check or oppose any points of

Library Journal

Author: Melvil Dewey
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Div., N. Y. P. L. Curtis, Charles P. Jr. Lions Under the Throne. Houghton. 2/20.
$3.50. Erudite Boston attorney discusses role of Supreme Court from historical,
political, sociological and legal angles. Changes in the Court's attitude over the
years to the great problems of our nation (constitutional powers, federalism,
personal liberties) and relation of the judicial to the democratic process are
excellently described. Untechnical language, lucid and often entertaining
presentation make book ...

The Advocate

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C. Law of Comlth. 1952. U JONES. Public Admin, in Malaya. 1953. U JONES.
British Nationality. 1947. U KEETON & SCHWARTZENBERGER. Jeremy
Uentham Ac the Law. 1948. U KEETON. The Passing of Pari. 1952. U KEIR &
LAWSON. Cases. 1933. U KEITH. British Cabinet System. 1939. U KEITH.
Constitution of England. 1940. U KEITH. Constitution under Strain. 1946. U
KRITH. The Doms. as Sov. States. 1938. IT KEITH. King. Constitution, etc. 1938. tl
KEITH. Letters & Essays.