Organizational Accidents Revisited

Author: James Reason
Publisher: CRC Press
ISBN: 1134806078
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Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents introduced the notion of an ’organizational accident’. These are rare but often calamitous events that occur in complex technological systems operating in hazardous circumstances.

Annual Review Of Network Management And Security

Author: International Engineering Consortium
Publisher: Intl. Engineering Consortiu
ISBN: 9781931695411
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See, James Reason, Managing Risks of Organizational Accidents, Aldersot,
England and Brookfield, VT: Ashgate, 1997. 22. Peter Grant, "Phone System's
Weak Link: Storms Cause Greater Outages in New Fiber-Optic Networks as Bell
South Races to Recover," Wall Street Journal, September 19, 2004, p. Bl. 23. See
Shahid Naeem, "Biodiversity: Biodiversity Equals Instability?" Nature, Vol. 416, (
2002), pp. 23-24. 24. See, e.g., Ian McCarthy and Jane Gillies, "Organizational
Diversity, ...

Medical Emergency Teams

Author: Michael A. DeVita
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
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In the long term, there needs to be a significant and fundamental change to the “
soft defenses,” such as the training of frontline health care workers, so that
potential patient crises are predicted and managed earlier to prevent iatrogenic
morbidity and mortality. Organizational Crisis Theory: Hazards, Defenses, and
Latent Conditions In his book Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents,
Reason states that organizational accidents, as opposed to individual accidents,

Risk And Crisis Management In The Public Sector

Author: Lynn T Drennan
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1317810678
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Network Governance of CrisisResponse: Case Studies of Incident Command
Systems«,JournalofPublicAdministrationResearchandTheory, 19(4): 895¥915.
National Audit Office [NAO] (2011) Managing Risks in Government. Available at:
managing_risks_in_government.pdf> (accessed 18 May 2014). Office
ofGovernment Commerce [OGC](2004) Management of Risk: Guidancefor
Practitioners, London: HMSO. Parker, C. (2002) ...

A Life In Error

Author: Professor James Reason
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1472418417
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A Life in Error charts the development of his seminal and hugely influential work from its original focus on individual cognitive psychology through the broadening of scope to embrace social, organizational and systemic issues.

On The Practice Of Safety

Author: Fred A. Manuele
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
ISBN: 1118574761
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Acceptable risk levels cannot be maintained if systems are not adequately
maintained. As this chapter was being written, incident investigation reports
received by this author indicate that, because of severe expense reductions,
maintenance has deteriorated—the result being serious injuries and fatalities. In
the excerpt from Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents (Reason, 1997)
previously quoted, reference is made to maintenance failures as contributors to
the accumulation ...

The Crisis Prone Society A Brief Guide To Managing The Beliefs That Drive Risk In Business

Author: I. Mitroff
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137454830
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Reason, James T., Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents. Brookfield,
Vt., USA: Ashgate, 1997; Wood, Donna D., “Creating Foresight: Lessons for
Enhancing Resilience from Columbia,” in W. H. Starbuck, and M. Farjoun (Eds.),
Organization at the Limit: Lessons from the Columbia Disaster, Blackwell
Publishing, Malden, 2005, pp. 289–308; Starbuck, William H. and Milliken,
Frances J., “Challenger: fine-tuning the odds until something breaks,” The
Journal of Management ...

Commercial Aviation Safety

Author: Alexander T. Wells
Publisher: McGraw Hill Professional
ISBN: 9780071417426
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Why do you think over the years the number of accidents caused by "machine"
has declined, while those attributable to man have risen? 5. The medium or
environment includes two parts — the ... Reason, J. 1997. Managing the Risks of
Organizational Accidents ... "A New Look at Accident Contributions and the
Implications of Operational & Training Procedures," Proceedings of the Flight
Safety Foundation's 38th Annual International Air Safety Seminar. Arlington, Va.
U.S. Congress ...

The Oxford Handbook Of Cognitive Engineering

Author: John D. Lee
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199757186
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In a landmark book titled Managing the Risks of Organizational Accidents,
Reason (1997) describes how organizational factors can influence local
workplace factors, which in turn can lead to unsafe acts and result in accidents.
These authors have had a major influence on how we think about cognition:
Cognition is not only an individual activity; we also need to understand the
organizational (and sociocultural) context in which cognition occurs. The role of
the organizational context in ...