Author: Gary L. Stuart
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Miranda: The Story of America’s Right to Remain Silent considers the legacy of that case and its fate in the twenty-first century as we face new challenges in the criminal justice system.

Encyclopedia Of American Civil Rights And Liberties Revised And Expanded Edition 2nd Edition 4 Volumes

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They also insisted that none of the foreign jurisdictions mentioned by the Court as
exemplars of police interrogation practices went as far as the Court did in
Miranda. ... Miranda: The Story of America's Right to Remain Silent. ... To wit, the
suspect in custody must be advised of the right to remain silent; that anything said
by the suspect can and will be used by the prosecution as evidence; that the
suspect has a right to an attorney; and that if the suspect cannot afford an
attorney, one will ...

The Encyclopedia Of American Civil Liberties

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The "person in custody must, prior to interrogation, be clearly informed that he
has the right to remain silent, and that anything he says will be used against him
in court; he must be clearly informed that he has the right to consult with a lawyer
and to have the lawyer with him during interrogation, and that, if he is indigent, a
lawyer will be appointed to represent him" (Miranda, at 467—473). These are the
now well-known Miranda Rights and remain unchanged forty years later. The
Court's ...

Encyclopedia Of The Sixties

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The basis of the appeal was the failure by the police to inform Miranda of his
rights against self-incrimination—the right to remain silent, access to an attorney,
and that his statements could be used against him. With his ... Phoenix American
Civil Liberties Union attorneys then filed a writ on the basis of the Sixth
Amendment right to counsel instead of Fifth Amendment protection against
selfincrimination. At that ... Stuart, Gary L. Miranda: The Story of America's Right
to Remain Silent.

Miranda V Arizona

Author: Michael Burgan
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Describes the history behind the Miranda Warning, a legal protection that is read to every person who is arrested in the United States.

The Social History Of Crime And Punishment In America A De

Author: Wilbur R. Miller
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say that “if the individual indicates in any manner, at any time prior to or during
questioning, that he wishes to remain silent, the interrogation must cease ... if the
individual states that he wants an attorney, the interrogation must cease until an
attorney is present.” Miranda Regulations While many criticized the decision,
following Miranda v. Arizona, police departments across the country were
required to inform suspected individuals of their rights at the time of arrest if they
wanted to ...

Justice For All

Author: Jim Newton
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Author interviews with Kenneth Ziffren, Jan. 12, 2005, and Michael Smith, July 8,
2005. 50. Gary L. Stuart, Miranda: The Story of America's Right to Remain Silent,
p. 6. 51. Del Dickson, The Supreme Court in Conference, pp. 515-16. 52. These
drafts, including Warren's outline, are at the LOC, MD, Warren papers, Supreme
Court file, Opinions of the Chief Justice, Miranda v. Arizona, Folder 1 . 53. End-of-
term memo, 1965, Chambers of William J. Brennan, Jr., LOC, MD, Brennan
papers, ...

Miranda Rights

Author: Paul Ruschmann
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However, unlike the 1963 police investigation of Miranda himself, no confessions
were extracted and no one went to jail for the crime. Fernando Rodriguez and
Eseziquel Moreno, released pending further investigation, both disappeared and
were never seen again.* Several months later, the police closed the file on
Ernesto Miranda's murder. No one was ever punished for it. *Gary L. Stuart,
Miranda: The Story of America's Right to Remain Silent. Tucson: University of
Arizona Press, ...

Encyclopedia Of American Civil Rights And Liberties H R

Author: Otis H. Stephens
ISBN: 9780313327605
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"Is Miranda Caselaw Really Inconsistent? A Proposed Fifth Amendment
Synthesis." Constitutional Commentary 17: 19. Kamisar, Yale. 1980. Police
Interrogation and Confessions: Essays in Law and Policy. Ann Arbor: University
of Michigan Press. Klein, Susan R. 2001. "Miranda's Exceptions in a Post-
Dickerson World." Journal of Law & Criminology 92: 567. Stuart, Gary L. 2004.
Miranda: The Story of America's Right to Remain Silent. Tucson: The University of
Arizona Press. White ...