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Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, the book that changed the world Monster: Publishing to coincide with the 200th anniversary of the publication of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and a movie starring Elle Fanning as Mary Shelley, Monster is a ...

Mary Shelley

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An evocative portrait of Mary Shelley captures the turbulent and dramatic life of a woman who, at the age of sixteen, eloped with poet Percy Bysshe Shelley, dealt with the loss of four children and tragic drowning of her husband, and ...

The Monster In Theatre History

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Therefore, I have generally attempted to refer to Mary Shelley in this book as “
Shelley.” However, I find myself in difficulty if I write, for example, “Mary
Wollstonecraft gave birth to Shelley,” which generates considerable confusion
since her name was “Mary Godwin” at the time of her birth, and indeed she was
still technically Godwin when she wrote Frankenstein. Further confusion arises
from the fact that there were not only many Marys in Shelley's family but also a
great crowd of Percys ...


Author: Mary Shelley
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Mary Shelley S Frankenstein, True To Early Nineteenth-Century Romanticism, Provides A Chilling Account Of The Con-Sequences Of Tampering With Nature And Of Transgressing Human Limits To Knowledge.

A Life With Mary Shelley

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Her first book (written when she was radiant with youthful health and beauty),
was called (in French), Défigurations du langagepoétique (Disfigurations—
OfPoetic Language).43 Her early concern with disfigurement applied at first only
to rhetoric (to the poetic language of Baudelaire and Mallarmé), but then, with the
discovery of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, it was extended to the physicality of life
itself, when Johnson's 1980 innovative reading44 correlates the monster's body ...

Making The Monster

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Mary often based her fictional characters on the people she knew. Byron and
Percy Bysshe Shelley types make frequent appearances in her novels and short
stories, and particularly clear examples can be found in her 1826 novel The Last
Man. There were several people Mary knew who may have contributed to the
complex character of Victor Frankenstein, but the most obvious was her husband.
Shelley's early life and interests may well have been the template for Victor's

The Monster Within

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The trouble between this mother and daughter began with an early traumatic
disruption, the patient's real birth defect, leading to disturbances in physical and
emotional care. It was compounded later by the patient's resentment of her
mother's perceived preference for her brother and by her mother's anxiety and
passivity about claiming her rightful status in the family, making positive feminine
identifications more difficult. Interestingly, Mary Shelley, although suffering a total
maternal ...

Mary Shelley

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Darwin's theories that brought before Mary Shelley's sleepless eyes the vision of
the monster miraculously infused by its creator with the spark of life. ... to grip our
imagination; and it seems not unfair to assume that the introductory letters and
the first four chapters, which contain a tedious and largely unnecessary account
of Frankenstein's early life, were written in deference to Shelley's plea that the
idea should be developed at greater length, and did not form part of her original

Mary Shelley

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A biography of the nineteenth-century English writer who at the age of nineteen wrote the classic horror novel "Frankenstein".