My Nap Buddy

Author: Kj Stephens
Publisher: AuthorHouse
ISBN: 1449059007
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The love parents have for their children as well as the innocence and magic of early childhood are all captured in this timeless bedtime story.

The Buddy Files The Case Of The Library Monster

Author: Dori Hillestad Butler
Publisher: Albert Whitman and Company
ISBN: 9780807509364
Size: 46.48 MB
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Then she goes back to work and I go back to my nap. After school, Connor stops
into the office. His friend Michael is with him. Michael is my friend Mouse's new
human. They live on our street. “Hi, Connor! Hi, Michael!” I say, sniffing them all
over. “I'm happy to see you! I'm happy to smell you!” They both smell like Bob, the
Reptile Guy! “Hi, Buddy,” Connor says, scratching my ears. Michael pats my back.
“Mom, can I go over to Michael's house?” Connor asks. THE Buddy Files: THE
case ...

Buddy Bolden S Storyville Blues

Author: Peter Nissen
Publisher: Lulu Press, Inc
ISBN: 1312514825
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way I could understand this was that he had drowned my cat to please his cornet.
Another sign that things were seriously wrong with him was his reaction to loud
noises. It culminated one night when Bernedine had a stomach ache and cried
heartbreakingly. I got up a number of times to comforther, and in the end I was so
tired that I slept through another bout. Luckily my nap did not last long, and when
I entered the nursery, I saw Buddy standing by Bernedine's bed with a large
carving ...

Back Together Again

Author: Shawn McGuire
Publisher: Brown Bag Books
ISBN: 0996103597
Size: 55.28 MB
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Anyway, I'd settled into my favorite corner table one day and was about to take
the first bite when I saw him staring at me.” I smiled at her memory and my heart
filled. “I thought he'd be a good nap-buddy for Ginger. Moo Cow is very good at
napping.” Judy must have been in a frantic state when she packed this time.
Three of my ghost fiddle glasses had broken. It had taken me so long to find them
; they'd be hard to replace. Or so I thought. Mom had a small collection of crystal
glasses ...

My Buddy

Author: Marian Bommarito
Publisher: iUniverse
ISBN: 0595159605
Size: 39.31 MB
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You're asking too much of me.” Art laughed and said, “You're probably right. I
wouldn't want you to do anything that would make you feel uneasy about yourself
.” Jake continued, “So, do you want to come over. Ierry's going to call later and tell
us when to come by The Quest. We can all go together.” Art said, “Sounds like a
good game plan to me. I'll be by after I take care of a few things.” Buddy, Misty
and Jake looked at each other as if to say, “a little nap would be nice about now.”
It was ...

The Collected Works Of Langston Hughes Gospel Plays Operas And Later Dramatic Works

Author: Langston Hughes
Publisher: University of Missouri Press
ISBN: 9780826214775
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LA URA picks up an overturned chair) LAURA: All right, Buddy, what's your story?
BUDDY: ... They exit. LAURA glares at C.J. as he slowly sits up, head in his
hands on the floor) LAURA: What have you been doing, C.J., taking a nap?
BUDDY: I put him to sleep . . . Laura, pour me a drink. LAURA: What do you think
I am, a barmaid? ... C.J.: (Jumping up from the floor) Marietta's my girl, Sister
Laura, and he- LAURA: C.J., take your guitar and get on over to the Temple to
prayer meeting.

The Ruffians

Author: Rick Johnson
Publisher: Rick Johnson
Size: 17.20 MB
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I wake up from my nap and leap off the bed. I walk into the living room and see
my buddy still sitting on the sofa. I look in the kitchen and see one of the gallon
containers of chocolate milk is empty. I was worried about this. All the chocolate
milk is proving to be too much of a temptation for my buddy. I notice all the other
food on the kitchen counter is still untouched. I look over at my buddy. “It's only
five o'clock, Mixer,” he says. “I'm sure all my friends will be coming over for some
birthday ...

Buddy Is A Stupid Name For A Girl

Author: Willo Davis Roberts
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
ISBN: 0689816707
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"It's time for my nap," he said to nobody in particular. It hadn't taken long to load
the dishwasher, and Cassie smiled at Buddy. "I guess we'd better get you settled,
hadn't we? If you were going to stay for a while, we'd clear out that back bedroom
upstairs. But it's got an awful lot of junk in it, and we figured since you'll probably
be back with the rest of your family within a few days, maybe you wouldn't mind
sleeping in the little sewing room. It has stuff stored in it, too, but it's not like
upstairs ...

Seed Of My Heart

Author: Robert K. Stevenson
Publisher: WestBowPress
ISBN: 1449768245
Size: 15.22 MB
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He often wondered if the words he had written to him and spoken over him had
ever taken root. He had thought of him often; but had not heard from him in years.
Finally after trudging across the face of the slope for another afternoon, he was
able to unpack Essie and build a fire. He was ready for a good sleep and a few
days of rest before they headed down. The water for tea was hot and he reached
for his cup. Skip was nearby and Castor had laid down for a nap. Buddy was no ...

Buddy Bloom Wildflower

Author: Jerry Snider
Publisher: Inspiring Voices
ISBN: 1462411606
Size: 22.56 MB
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A Tale of Struggle and Celebration Jerry Snider. “Good luck, kid,” Ken said. “See
you round. Now if you two don't mind it's time for my nap.” He tucked his head
back in the shell, Sadie turned toward me. “Ready, Dear?” “I guess I am. What do
I do?” “I'll hold onto you. Just enjoy the journey.” She took hold of me and away
we flew. “We're going to the park,” she announced. Soon we were gliding past
children laughing as they played ...