New Home Journal

Author: Laura Agadoni
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It's simultaneously the playground, castle and nest where your family will grow. It's also a big responsibility with lots of little details to keep track of. Fortunately, this book makes it super simple to organize everything"--

Old House Journal

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The window repairs, however, would pose a greater challenge due to their
intrusive nature and potential visual impact on the sheer walls and
unornamented surfaces of the Gropius House. ... The SPNEA crew repaired the
damaged framing with new dimensional lumber — all in-kind except for adding
shims at the bottom of studs to ensure a tight fit Roof Flashing Original Detail
Flood coat BUR Metal gravel stop New Detail Modified Bitumen BUR Metal
gravel stop Tapered edge strip ...

Black Decker Home Planner Logbook

Author: Chris Peterson
ISBN: 1591866464
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A home is a living structure in constant transition and evolution, static for no more
than a few weeks or months at a time, even in the best of times. Some people
never organize a detailed history of repairs or replacements, and for others, their
home repair and replacement records are stored in loose files tucked away in a
desk drawer somewhere. It is far easier, though, if you can document in one
single spot all the specifications, record all the dates, note the various warranties,
and log ...

Catalog Of Copyright Entries Part 1 B Group 2 Pamphlets Etc New Series

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New York. 6757–6761 Crack-proof we said it—they proved it! (In Saturday
Evening Post, Feb. 14, 1931) Feb. 12; 1 c. Feb. 16; A 26999. Fall Listen
campaign went over big now—Listen, here's how . . . to break all records this
spring ! Fold, sheet. © Feb. 27, 1931; 2 c. and aff. Feb. 28; AA 62908. Listen, first
call for the big spring special. Sheet. © Feb. 17, 1931; 2 C. and aff. Feb. 19: AA
61626. Think of it!—Not a cent for repairs. (In Ladies' Home Journal, Mar., 1931)
© Feb. 17; 1 c. Feb.

Home Maintenance Log

Author: Journals For All
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Maintenance Log Record Book Get Your Copy Today Capture 300 Maintenance Records 8.25 Inches by 6 Inches 102 Pages Log Date Equipment / Part Maintained:- Name, Model, Serial Number Description Of Maintenance Get Your Copy Today

Mobile Home Journal

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$5.00 MUSTANG OWNER'S HANDBOOK— 368 pages profusely illustrated, for
owner or professional mechanic, covers all engine and transmission options,
emphasis on diagnosis and complete repair procedures, also tuning
maintenance ... OWNER'S HANDBOOK— 312 peges covers all models, nearly
1000 illustrations, step-by-step instructions, also section on tuning $4.00
SUNBEAM OWNER'S HANDBOOK— new 450 page maintenance and repair
manual covers all current ...

Catalog Of Copyright Entries Third Series

Publisher: Copyright Office, Library of Congress
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General Electric motor repair parts. Pe ;" illus. (C) 25 Julls?; AA59806. Catalog
section pts-5. p. 1660, illus. (C) il, Nowl"; AA68773. Catalog section pts-7.
Contains complete information on Wagner, Westinghouse, Williams electric
motor repair parts. p. 69–81, illus. (C) 10ctlı7; AA66081. HOLDING, ELISABETH
SANXAY (C), New York. The blank wall. Story. (In Ladies' Home Journal, Oct., #
directory of ...

The Ladies Home Journal

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Advocates of phonics say sound and letter drills that teach reading by sounding
the words out syllable by syllable have a proven track record. (Most Americans ...
to your school." Above all, says Baker, "Don't assume anyone is a ... THE
DETERIORATION OF SCHOOLS In the middle-class suburb of West Orange,
New Jersey, Mark Levy was chagrined to discover that stairwells, hallways and
sections of the basement were being used as classrooms at his children's
elementary school.

Popular Mechanics

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All subjects invited. Publicity, advertising, beautiful books. Send for fact-filled
booklet and free manuscript report. Carlton Press, Dept. PM, 11 West 32 Street,
New York 10001 NOW!!! Four new books!!! Can Literally turn your life around!!! ...
HOME JOURNAL - record history, improvements, landscaping, ownership costs,
taxes. Send $8.95 to: ... Auto Repair Manual $12.95, Legal Manual $14.95,
Medical & Health Manual $19.95, Fixing Old Houses For Profit $8.95. Free
Details! Watson ...